Dagon, (Baalim) the Baals, & Fish Worship in Modern Christianity

DagonThe KJV has desecrated our Heavenly Father’s name by removing the Tetragrammaton from the scriptures and replacing his Holy name with “LORD” which is another name for BAAL. This is an abomination. Baal or Baalim was a collective of entitities which I believe were the 70 fallen angels which were cast out of heaven. Each town had it’s own Baal so it was more like a principality over a specific region. Baal in Isreal was a storm god and the son of EL or Dagon (Marduk). His wife or consort was Asherah (Astarte) and they would place trees called Asherah poles in groves and light incense and practice rituals to this fertility goddess also. (The pagan Christmas tree?) YaHuWaH denounced these idols from intiquity and has had his day with them in the past to show his superiority and validate his LORDSHIP over these imposters with numerous signs and wonders.

Now Dagon was a storm/fish God. He also went by the name Enlil or Bel. He was the son of Anu, the Sumerian creator God (YHWH?). Dagon is who the Catholic Church is still worshipping!! Those hats on their cardinals heads are fish mouths! The fish symbol of Christianity is a reference to DAGON. That symbol has nothing to do with becoming fishers of men. It’s pagan. Mermaids were another “Fish” diety. The female version. I really think they were messing with the genetics WAY BACK then. Atlantis was destroyed because of the advanced technology they had. In Noah’s day YaHuWaH destroyed them because of the GENETIC MANIPULATION. We are doing the same thing now – we are “As it was as in the days of Noah.” I think that the fish race. i.e. Dagon, Mermaids, Leviathan, porpoises, etc… are the group mentioned in the Mazzaroth (see my previoud post 12-12-12 ) represented by the star AGENA (CENTARANEUS). The word AGENA is the “Beta” in the universe. The AEGEAN SEA gets its name from this. Yahushuwah is the Alpha and the Omega. Enlil or DAGON could very well have been the “brother” of Yahushuwah (The Sumerian Enki or Ea?) at one time. They were sons of GOD. Elohim. (pre-GENESIS). Once he was cast out of heaven to the SEA perhaps (along with The DRAGON- TIAMAT) he became the DEVIL. De EVIL Ones! Hello?? I think history has repeated itself numerous times over and the “WORLDS” are cyclical. Once they reach a climax in technology, YaHuWaH will take it out for there are NO OTHER GODS BEFORE HIM!! The FEAR of YaHuWaH is the beginning of Wisdom! He doesn’t have to put up with any of it! Its HIS CREATION FOLKS and HE calls the shots! He is EL ELYON or MOST HIGH GOD.

The book of Revelation has BEASTS (DRAGONS) rising out of the SEA. Some of these monsters must still be residing there. Don’t be surprised if we see SEA MONSTERS (dinosaurs/reptilians again?) showing up along with the array of aliens, giants, and locust-bug type engineered beings mentioned in the book. This genetic manipulation has been going on for IONS and the evils ones can’t wait for their literal day in the SUN. They’ve been underground and under the sea for centuries. (The GOLDEN DAWN—AGAIN).

Ask Yahushuwah for HIS divine knowledge and protection. We’re gonna need it!

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  1. Delphine Martinez

    Thank you for the information. I have been studying about the history of the symbolism that is still being used in modern day society and its ramifications for us as present day Christians. I believe that we are in the end times and that we must begin to throw off anything that is wrong in God’s sight that we don’t even know that we are doing. When you said that the writers of the King Jmes version used Lord in place of God’s name, what did the original say? Thank you again for your work.

    • God’s name is YHWH. Better known as the Tetragrammaton. It appeared over 7000 times in the original manuscripts and was REMOVED…
      It is pronounced YaHuWaH and the only begotton Son’s name is YaHuShuWaH which means Yah’s salvation…YahushuWaH Ha’Mashich means
      YaHushuWaH the MESSIAH. NOT JESUS CHRIST. There is no letter J in Hebrew and Christ is a GREEK word for Christos.
      There is nothing Messianic about the Christos and there is nothing GREEK about the Hebrew Messiah.

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