Tzedek (Zadok)- The Royal Priesthood-The Rhema Word for today.


Well, YaHuWaH pointed out this Rhema word to me today. He told me that I am a Tzedek. I didn’t even know what it meant. I spent some time looking it up. (It is a shortened form for Melchizedek which I discussed previously). It’s kind of what I’ve been talking and preaching about lately. I found out it has to do with the indwelling of the Shekhinah Glory which is the feminine aspect of God. (I am female). Another key component is one who proclaims and preserves the Tetragrammaton. This is a select class of priests who are the restrainers of evil as I have been discussing. We absorb evil and act as a sponge to stay YaHuWaH’s vengence and wrath on the Earth. Without our presence here, the World could be destroyed. Well, I’m not no spring chicken, Okay? I’m 57 years old. I have lived a pretty horrible life of suffering and loneliness, though on the surface you wouldn’t know it. I am a High functioning multiple from all the abuse. Believe you me they tried to kill me at a very young age.

YaHuWaH has been consistently integrating me and showing me the absolute horror of the world in which we are living and what has been being done heinously to the human race without our conscience knowledge. Our memories are wiped clean periodically but the damage is pretty much being done on a widespread scale. Soul scalping, ritual murdering of innocents , and hybridization and genetic raping of young females, is rampant and I don’t think anyone is exempt. Some are more awake than others but most could not accept the real world and will be content to remain in the Matrix world created by the Ha Satan. The USA is probably the most to blame for promoting the Satanic Babylon whore agenda with the co-opting of the media and Hollywood, Universities ,and politics to suit their agenda. This is totally demonically orchestrated. They lull you to sleep with drugs (prescription and non-prescription) , television, movies, GMO food and water, and chem trails. They also set up churches to keep you in the Matrix. That’s their function for the most part. It’s definitely not for your spiritual edification or to draw you closer to YaHuWaH. That SHOULD be the purpose.

Well supposedly there are only 39 of us here on the Earth according to Judaism and the Talmud also. I’d like to know who the other 38 are! Drop me a line if your a Tzedek. Oh and you better be a nobody like me because that’s a prerequisite also! No scholars, or Rabbi’s need apply. LOL! Shalom.

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  1. I really love this subject and can’t read enough about it!

    • Great! Me too! Check out the sorcery posts. As a Tzedek we have to stay one step ahead of what the enemy is doing! The Vatican will be going down here soon but the Antichrist will be stepping in. Not good…

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