King Josiah- Having a Heart for YaHuWaH- 2 Chronicles 23: 25

burning incense


Everyone has been taught to rever King David in the scriptures as having a heart for God but the scriptures say that King Josiah was YHWH’s man. He was a decendent of King David and began ruling at 8 years old!  (Chap 22), So what made him so special?  Well first off he set out to HEAL THE BREACHS IN THE TEMPLE.  He commanded the silver that was paid to the priest’s be used to REPAIR THE HOLES IN THE TEMPLE WALLS. If your part of YahuWaH’s Elect you can bet your bottom dollar you have holes in your walls. This man set out to HEAL THE ELECT. While doing this they discovered a copy of the Law of the Covenant in the temple. He had it read and when he heard how they were MISINFORMED about YHWH’s will he rent his clothes! He then had the High priests consult with a WOMAN! They went to HULDAH THE PROPHETESS. (a scholar in Jerusalem).  She confirmed the Word of the Lord.  Josiah then set out to tear down EVERY ABOMINATION in the city. At that time they were burning incense on hills and in groves to a lot of different gods. Kind of like Wiccan, Buddism ,or Hinduism, today. This is detestable to our El ELYON.  The burning of incense was reserved for the ELECT to EL ELYON alone. It has been bastardized by other religions.  There was a specific WAY (the WAY)  that it was to be done. (The Ketoret).  To allow it to be done any other way INFURIATES our Alyohim.  Josiah then tore down the GROVES ( Bohemian comes to my mind) and incense burners and slew a lot of those wicked priests and put their bones on the altar of the Lord.  He also broke down the houses of the SODOMITES and cut down the hangings the women were weaving for the grove.   ( hemp- like incense hangers they hung from trees).  He burned any artifact that was used for BAAL WORSHIP and tore down any altars they were using and burned any bones found in the graves of those false temples  with the exception of any bones of Godly men that had served YaHuWaH. For all this YaHuWaH said he was RIGHTEOUS. More so than David!  So why does the burning of incense to other gods piss our Heavenly Father off so much?  Well that’s a whole other teaching. More to follow….Shalom.

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