The Word of YaHuWaH for 1/29/13 is “Tractate” (666-Mishnah Category 6, Chap 6. section 6)

Nadya Suleman

Yahuwah spoke this word to me last night while I was asleep. I didn’t know what it meant, and still don’t fully understood what it is, but it means  a treaty or a tale.  From what He has shown me, the Talmud is a bunch of opinions of Men. PERIOD. I was delving into this to try to learn more about Judaism and essentially he told me to forget it. Yahushuwah himself called these Pharisees and Sadducees  a ” Brood of Vipers”.

Well in the Talmud there is a group of SIX catagories of discussion. They are called Mishnahs. They are the foundation pretty much for our LEGAL system.  It’s like case studies of what to do in such in such a situation. It’s extremely in depth to the point of being RIDICULOUS just like our LEGAL system is today! The only people benefitting are the LAWYERS and JUDGES!

So I asked the Lord why is this so evil? Aren’t they trying to do the right thing and cover all the bases? He told me NO. It’s all about POWER. The original SIN. And it goes back to SOLOMAN (Suliamen) and his SIX POINTED SEAL. This man was evil in the sight of YaHuWaH. The FALSE prophet. Did you know he killed his own BROTHER? He had 1000 WIVES!!

How the hell is that HOLY? He also used JINN (aka DEMONS) to help build his temple.  Sure YHWH let him do it, but the temple was not “THE WAY” to salvation. It was “THE WAY” to the beast world system which we now see today. The way of Man. 666.  The Talmud has 620 Commandments if you will.  There has to be a key for the remaining 46 in the Geomatria (sacred geometry)that adds up to the 666. Duh??

The 46 Chromsosomes in the Human cell!! I GOT IT!! Man’s Genome. 620 + 46= 666. There you have it!

If we look at Catagory #6, Chap 6 it brings us to the Song of Soloman. HELLO??? Now what does this have to do with 666? PLENTY.
The woman in the Song is named ABISHAG- the SHULAMITESS. She was the most beautiful virgin in the land and she was given to KING DAVID in his old age for comfort. Well guess what? He didn’t want her. He never had sex with her. He just slept with her. Now they took that to mean he couldn’t “get it up”, ya know. Well that wasn’t it at all! He didn’t want any progeny from HER! There are NO GODLY BIOLOGICAL DECENDANTS OF KING DAVID. PERIOD. They are ALL BASTARDS from Soloman on! The paternal bloodline is DEFUNCT! It is 666. BULLSHIT. YHWH HAS RAISED UP NEW SEED and it has NOTHING to do with biological Paternity. It has to do with the Ruach Hakodesh- His wife! Abishag was messing with SOLOMAN the whole time. That’s why Soloman had his older brother killed cause he asked Bathsheeba if he could marry Abishag after David died. That woman was already “SHAGGING” Soloman for a long time. This beauty was a WHORE- a type of the whore of Babylon. The marriage of the BEAST!
There’s nothing beautiful about any of this. Its about passionate ILLICIT SEX & CRIME. PERIOD. 666. Just like we’ve been sold today in all our media.It made for good copy then, just like it does today!
Here we have the pattern for a Hedonistic society built by mankind and demons that has NOTHING DO DO WITH A HOLY GOD! And it’s in bed with the WHORE OF BABYLON. And it all started with Soloman. There never will be a third PHYSICAL temple in Jerusalem. The temple is the true ELECT believer. PERIOD. The one who keeps his or her “Temple” HOLY and SEPARATED from this BEAST SYSTEM. It’s all starting to fit into place now and its not a pretty picture.

Do you remember the story about the OCTAMOM? Didn’t you think her name was kindy funky? Nadya Suleman? Hello?? She had all those kids using in vitro fertilization. They are just IN YOUR FACE WITH THIS WHORE SYSTEM. When is the public gonna wake up? The Christians are the worst I’m sorry to say. They’ve bought this shit hook, line, and sinker cause they are the DUMB FISH. FISH WORSHIPPERS. (see my post on Dagon). Well this goes very deep and I need to get into the Kabbalah teaching stuff as well, cause that’s all messed up as well. That will be coming up in the future. Stay tuned.
Deborah (Dvora….P.S.—-I’m Back and I’m mad as hell!)

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