NEMO=OMEN The Superbowl Satanic Ritual Revealed.


I got the word from YaHuWaH last evening about this when I opened my bible to JOB chap 40 and 41. At first they called the NYC storm Behemoth but they quickly changed the name to NEMO. This is OMEN backwards as Satanists read in reverse. I did not watch the Superbowl but from what I understand Beyonce did her show and then the lights went out and she was said to have made a hand sign of the illuminati. I intend to try to go back and critique the “performance” if I can find it. I think the majority of the magick working went on behind closed doors. The music just engages the spirits like an invocation through Beyonce- a slave to Lucifer. I want to explore the Bible commentary on the BEASTS mentioned here.

Behemoth was the  largest land BEAST that YHWH ever created. It was a Brontosaurus type dinasour 60 ft tall and up to 190 feet long! 190 feet is about 60 yards, so half a football field! When it moved it swayed its plank like tail and knocked down everything around it. It’s footsteps were said to leave large circular “TRACKS” so it could be easily tracked and to date scientists have found fossilized prints of these beasts along with actual skeletons.

The other BEAST mentioned was Leviathon. This was a giant serpent type marine monster from the same dinosaur era. These were some of YHWH’s first CHAOS creations and he had them bound because, they were very destructive.

Well the third BEAST is the AIR beast called Siz or Anzu. We don’t hear about this giant BIRD so much, but this one is said to BLACK OUT THE SUN OR LIGHT in its presence.The traditions of Ziz regards the sun as an essential necessary element of the world order, and dimming it is considered emblematic of mutinous, sinister powers threatening to reverse the world to pre-creation chaos. ( i.e. New World Order)

I believe that this Monster was conjured during the Super Bowl and let loose . The bird lays eggs and if one misses it’s nest it dumps the contents of the EGG ( i.e BLIZZARD). This is magick on a GLOBAL GALACTIC scale. They are loosing these OLD, or ANCIENT ONES, as they call them in witchcraft circles upon the Earth.

All this also ties in with the AGE of AQUARIUS as I wrote about previously with the “NOBODY LAD” ( i.e NEMO ) pouring out the water out of the pitcher upon the Earth. We already identified him as Ganymede from TROY.

This is all high ritual magic. The BEASTS in the Book of Revelation are being unleashed from the Abyss. YHWH has your back if your are one of his,  but the rest of the world is going into some pretty devastating times. Were just getting started….

I will look into some more on this as YHWH leads, but for now just know that the Blackout was NOT an accident .. It is part of the  ZIZ BEAST of the air being released and the snow storm NEMO is the direct result of HIGH SATANIC BLACK magic being implemented . More to come… Selah

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