Daniel’s 70 week Timeline & The Abomination of Desolation. Dan 9: 24-27

abomination of desolation

I said I was going to try to take a crack at this timeline as YaHuWaH leads and I’ve been reading in the book of Daniel all week. I came to realize as probably many of you have that that last week is not a literal 7 year period in time. You have to remember that our bibles have been horribly tampered with. You can get direct divine revelation from the Ruach Ha’Kodesh however,  even without it, but it helps to confirm your findings with history as best you can and the written word.

First off, the 70 weeks represents the finished work including the crowning of Yahushuwah as KING. It also must include the 1000 year millenial reign because it says after this period there will never be any more sin.  We know that HA SATAN is loosed for a little while DURING the millenium according to the word, so the seventy weeks has to be AFTER this 1000 years. (Dan 9:24)

69 weeks is the period he refers to as till Messiah the Prince. Dan 9: 25 (This is the 2nd coming folks – not the suffering servant. The 70th week is therefore the millenial reign of Christ on the Earth.)

At 62 weeks we have the Crucifixion. Messiah being cut off.  So 62 weeks =30 AD.

The count starts as far as I’m concerned with Cyrus in 538 BC. (Ezra 5:13). Daniel states that the period between the command to rebuild the temple till the Cutting off of Messiah (30AD) was  62 weeks.  That comes to 568 years our time.  At 70 AD (40 year later ) we have the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. So now we are at 608 years.

70 AD=608 Years our time. Well let’s go back now and do some math.

62 weeks = 568 years,   so 568/62 = 9.16 years/week.

We still need 8 weeks to make the 70 weeks.  8 X 9 =72 years.

568 +72= 640 AD. So what happened at 640 AD? ( I don’t know-I’ll look up the date)

The abomination of desolation is set up.

OMG- The Arabs invade JERUSALEM and take Mecca.    HELLO??

He then says he confirms the covenant  for one week but breaks it in the middle of the week.  I don’t really know who “HE” is at this point,  but he’s the first Caliph in Meccca… an ARAB

After Messiah is cut off at 30AD we are now missing 7 weeks to bring us up to the 69 weeks of his kingly 2nd coming. So what gives?? After messiah was cut off the temple was rent remember? Now we’re under a new covenant. A paradigm shift.

This 7 weeks is the CHURCH AGE. (Rev: 1-3, The 7 CHURCHES) It started at 70 AD when the daily sacrifice ENDED. This is where the time, times, and a half time comes in again but on a different scale.  The clock has now changed because we are on an eternal timetable now. Remember a day is as a thousand years in the creation story? Well the  end of days are these last 7 days to the Lord.

7000 years! ( 6000 years till the milennial reign sets in).  It’s like nested boxes (cubes) of times and events on many different levels but it all fits perfectly into the puzzle. It’s not linear time . It’s spatial.  Hyperdimentional. You’ll get the picture. It’s divine Geometry. (Geomatria)

Well,  we’ll get into the Church age next.  More to come… This takes a lot out of me to do this. I’m exhausted. It’s Bedtime. Goodnight & Shalom…

P.S My son is named Daniel. LOL.

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