The CHAZAN (Chosen ones)- The Seven Spirits in Revelation- Chaps. 1-3


This post has a prerequisite teaching on the First Church in Jerusalem which was headed by James the Righteous, the brother of Jesus Christ. (This is NOT the apostle James who was the son of Zebedee and was martyred earlier on).

The first three  books in Revelation talk about letters to the ANGELS over these seven churches. Well why 7? There were LOTS of churches by this time but these letters were written just to these 7 in Asia minor.  We learned from the other lesson that the CHAZAN were also known as the  Overseers or ANGELS over the congregations. They were over the Rabbi’s and answered only to the Presidents or Nasi of the Synagogues. These are Humans with high spiritual office and scholars of the Law.


I believe what Yahushwah is saying here is that at any given time in history he has 7 overseers to which he distributes the following:

Isaiah 11:2 says, “The Spirit of the LORD will rest on him — the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding, the Spirit of counsel and of power, the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD.” This could possibly explain the seven spirits of God: (1) Spirit of the LORD, (2) Spirit of wisdom, (3) Spirit of understanding, (4) Spirit of counsel, (5) Spirit of power, (6) Spirit of knowledge, (7) Spirit of the fear of the Lord.

In books 1-3 of Revelation we have Jesus Christ talking to these 7 groups of people. There are certain overlaps between certain groups. I think it is very significant that he himself manifests himself differently to the different groups. (i.e. in one instance he is the two edged sword, while in another he is he is holding the candlesticks and stars in his right hand, and another he is the alpha and the omego. etc..) He is showing us that He IS the manifestation of the seven spirits!!

He basically says they(we) must all be OVERCOMERS. So what are they overcoming? The World, The Flesh and the Devil. Period.This is not an external admonishment to 7 physical churches. The word church here furthermore is EKKLESIA or “called out” ones, as I have talked about before. (see my post about the true “church”).

Two or more of the churches are commended for exposing false followers whether they be false apostles or fake Jews. (Jews in name only who do not covenant with YHWH and his WORD).

He also has a BIG problem with the DOCTRINE OF THE NICOLAITANS.
(i.e Jolly ole St Nick..WOE< WOE< WOE).

Fornication is another biggy. It's doen't matter who you are screwing.. Live in lover, committed relationship, gay, bi, it's all SIN if it's not an ordained marriage of YHWH for HIS DIVINE purposes. Otherwise we are to be SINGLE.. AND CHASTE before the Lord as he is our HUSBAND.

There is also the DOCTRINE OF BALAAM (which is plural for the BAALS) and Balak, which I also discussed in another post of mine about the false pagan Christian Church and BAAL, DAGON worship.)

He also hates Jezebel (see my posts about the whore of Babylon) and has promised the GREAT TRIBULATION to HER CHILDREN.

We can see that teaching false doctrine is a VERY SERIOUS OFFENSE.

Those who deny his HOLY SACRED NAME are also serious offenders.
(YaHuWaH & YaHushuWaH –not LORD, BAAL, Jesus, God, Christ, G-OD, Heshem, etc…)

On the other hand, He rewards the churches for the WORKS that they do do, (see my post on Tzedakah) and he gives gifts of Manna, a white stone, a new name, a pillar in the temple of New Jerusalem, white raimant, and a heavenly seat with him, the Morning Star, (HIMSELF-See my post on this also) etc… to OVERCOMERS. Period. You have to take an active role in this walk with Him.

If you get "imprisoned" for serving Christ (and by that I don't mean for saving souls or evangelism type stuff alone, although that counts too or even put in a physical JAIL CELL)- you get a special Crown of LIFE! I don't think he's talking about a ten "day" jail sentence either. He's talking about TI's whose whole life has been a prison here on this earth. We don't belong here! We are Tzedekah. We belong with Him!

Finally, if we are abiding in him and Overcoming, he will keep us from the HOUR OF TEMPTATION. This is not the same as the DAY OF THE LORD. The hour of temptation has to do with losing your salvation. He will not let that happen because you WANT to be in fellowship with him. You are one of his Elect.

The TRIBULATION is for JEZEBEL and her seed. I'm going to do a whole study on eating things sacrificed unto idols as YaHuWaH leads, as this is what Jezebel does to her flock along with condoning Fornication and idolatry against YHWH. She is also the LUKEWARM CHURCH which will be thrown up by YHWH himself and delivered up for destruction.

Stay Under HIS DIVINE COVERING- He loves you and will keep his own. Shalom.

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