Mercedonius- The Intercalary Month- VATICAN SORCERY! HOLY SHIT! 1260 years!!!!



Oh boy -Something big is going down in the spirit world . This whole Pope resignation has to do with the Devil wanting his due. It’s time to pay the piper. The Vatican Whore has had her time in the limelight and that Whore is gonna be put to death, but not until she births her “child”-  Satan incarnate. 

 This whole boot of Pope Ratzinger (The dirty rat) has something to do with this Roman extension of the calendar. They need to do something with the days in the calendar to make something in the Spirit world fit their agenda. It has to align with the tropical calendar.. the heavenly alignments. They are reverting back to the pre-Julian calendar I think. Any Math scholars out there??The mensis intercalary has to do with the menstrual cycle of the woman. This is what YaHuWaH has told me. The woman was considered unclean for 30 days when she had her period and had to be put outside the camp. They must need to put this Pope out now to fulfill their spiritual mission to bring in the Antichrist. Their deal with the devil.

It has something to do with their ancient Roman dieties as well.  Remember we talked about Romulus and the Gregorian calendar. Romulus was suceeeded by a guy named Numo Pompilious-the first king of Rome. He actually established the first pope!

Numa Marcius, son of Marcus, was the first Pontifex Maximus of Ancient Rome! April 21st , 753 BC was his birthday and it was on that day that Rome was founded also!!  1260 years ago!!!!   DO YOU HEAR ME!!!   TIMES TIMES and a Half! 1260 years to the day. Remember I said that the Birthday was the highest Satanic Holiday. Something is set to happen on April 21st! It has to be! They have to get the extra month inserted now.

February is already done in their book. It ended short on the 23rd. They now need the 28-30  day menstral period for the hag to be ready to concieve her beast chilld when she is fertile in April. (April is a pagan fertility month).This is spiritual ritual magic of the highest order.  If they are going to invoke this demon to enter into this new Pope the woman has to be ready to do so. She has to be fertile.

Menses as we know,  involves a lot of shedding of blood. I feel there are a lot of murders going on now that will go on now  for the next 30 days symbolized by  the menses of the Hag. I know I felt sick all day today in my spirit,  and the Lord was talking to me about abortions being committed on a rampant scale also. 

 Numa Pompilius  assigned to the first pope  the entire system of religious rites, which system was written out for him and sealed, and included the manner and timing of sacrifices, the supervision of religious funds, authority over all public and private religious institutions, instruction of the populace in the celestial and funerary rites including appeasing the dead, and expiation of prodigies, the Romans’ attempt to repair a perceived rupture in their relationship with the gods.,

The name Mercedonius comes from merces, meaning wages, as workers were paid at this time of year. We know from the bible that the wages of sin is death hence the payment to Lucifer from the Whore is going to cost a lot of deaths.

 Unfortunately the pontifex maximus (whose office was generally held by a politician or soldier, notably Julius Caesar during the so-called Years of Confusion) often neglected to insert the month at the proper time, or deliberately inserted it early or late to allow some officials to stay in office longer or force others out early. Such unpredictable intercalation meant that dates following Februarius could not be known in advance; and Roman citizens living outside of Rome would often not know the current date.

This also serves to usher in CONFUSION as people won’t know what time it is as the calendar is purposefully being manipulated to this end.

The RED HORSE of Revelation will soon be unleashed as payment for the WHORES time she had basking in Luxury in Vatican City and her 10 kingdoms. The USA is not exempt either. We could be in for a rough ride here shortly also. I feel there’s going to be a lot of people dying here shortly.

Stay in close fellowship with Yahushuwah Ha’Mashiach for he is our refuge. He will cover you with his wings if you are one of his. May he speak peace to your spirit that passes understanding in these perilous times in which we live.






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