Barack Hussein Obama- The “White” Horseman Of Revelation

white horsemanThe name means the Blessed, Handsome, Crooked one. How fitting! Here we have the Illuminati Black on White reversal again as we saw in the Superbowl/Beyonce schema. As I said previously, Obama is not Black (African) per se but rather Persian. He is the Prince of Persia. He is a character and is playing a role for the the Illuminati Elite and works for them. He goes by many names as we have seen. (Barry Soetero, Valente Frazier, etc..) He is an ACTOR/Stooge playing a role. I personally believe he is a clone of Akhenaton whereby the illuminati Nazi scientists have perfected their cloning technology in the last 100 years due to selling out to the ET/Demonic advanced technology and hybridization programs. These are the serpent DNA seedlines.

So Obama is the White charioteer. His Star is ANTARES in the Mazzaroth, which was the anti-WAR star. The PEACEMAKER. We know that this is a LIE though, as he is not a peacemaker in reality and neither was Antares. He loves killing. Droning innocents. It was all a RUSE. A DECEPTION and we know who the father of that is. SATAN!

He’s also really pushing for the RFID chip implementation and it is buried in his healthcare bill as a mandatory feature for mandatory coverage. Can his supporters be that stupid or ignorant of bible prophecy? We know that Congress is a sham and alot of those characters are on the Illuminati payroll as well, playing dual roles as are a lot of heads of state.(See A lot of these folks are clones as well. Puppets. I know that’s really frightening to think the country has been taken over, but it’s been gone for a long time now (since 1933). The United States is a private corporation- USA, INC. and you are the company’s property via your birth certificate which has a Stock exchange # on it whereby you are traded on the stock exchanges as collateral. (I.E. SOUL SCALPING/TRADING).

This is also done on a spiritual level as well, via the ET abductions and raping of the masses, both men and women, mind control programming and memory wiping. It’s absolutely insidious. There is only one way out and that’s why YaHuWaH had to provide it for us with His Salvation plan to free us from these devils and their MATRIX bondage. YahuShuWah delivers us from THIS EVIL PLAN and opens our blinded eyes from their programming and shows us how to escape from it. Pretty much no one is exempt from the Greys (Droid EBE slaves) and their abductions and microchipping, but some get it worse than others. Especially the ELECT. We’ve all been killed and ressusitated as children. They can’t kill us. Hence they FEAR US. We have the Mark of Almighty YaHuWaH on us.

The Illuminati are desperately trying to find a way to have their cake and eat it too. They want eternal life. That’s their goal. They want to be GOD just as Satan did. They are going to great lengths with CERN and the BEAST COMPUTER technology, to try to crack YHWH’s Creation code. These CERN scientists are not HUMAN for the most part. They are ET’s. Demons using human bodies. The same goes for all the Elite. Cain’s progeny. They know what their end is according to scripture, and are trying to beat it with technology. The Tree of Knowledge. Same as what happened in the Garden. They will not succeed as there is only ONE GOD YaHuWaH. If HE wants to change physics he will. He has done so in the past! His WORD is what creates. Satan can NOT CREATE anything. He’s a COPYCAT. A user. A stealer, and a mimic. Kinda like a lot of “people” out there these days. Makes sense now, Huh? Communism or Collectivism is Satanism. There is no room for the individual or for creative unique thought. God inspired Creativity. They FEAR that. They can’t control that. They can’t EXPLOIT that. They sure are trying to SQUASH that though with all the regulations, laws, taxes, etc… None of that is from YaHuWaH. Romans 13 is a deceptive lie. We don’t serve Caeser.
You have to watch the New Testament. A lot has been corrupted by the ELITE with “Queen” George and the printing presses. You can get practically all you need from the Torah and the Tanakh.

Well, I’ll try to talk on that subject at another time. There is definitely nothing boring about GOD! The Socialist Agenda will be irradicated when Yahushuwah returns. He alone is to be worshipped and he is a righteous ruler that will set all things straight. I can’t wait! How about you? Obama may start a war but it will be Yahushuwah that will come out the Victor!
Till next time. Shalom.

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