Who the hell is Zarubbabel? (The books of Haggai & Zechariah)

ZaruThis name shows up a lot in the books of Haggai, and Zechariah. The character plays a role with Joshua the son of Josedech the high priest. These were those (THE ELECT) that have come out of Babylon and were going to rebuild the temple. The temple being THEM. A house not built with hands but by the spirit of the living God.  The glory of this house being far GREATER than the glory of the house built with brick and mortar.

Zarubbabel was the one who Governed Judah. He was a CHOSEN one. His father was Shealtiel. The name Shealtiel means the one who shells the husk. He peels back the layers to get to the meat of the matter. THE FRUIT or the NUT. Likewise Zarubbabel takes the next step with this EXPOSING  and REFINING process.

The name Zarubbabel means the one who SIFTS through the BABEL. The one who sifts through the bullshit in our modern vernacular. A zaru is a COLANDER. What’s left on top is the stuff of value. All the garbage goes though the holes in the sieve.  We as the Endtime Elect do this. The REAPERS. This is our job here on the Earth. We are BS meters here on the Earth. We seek the TRUTH and sift out the LIES.

The other witness in this story is Joshua . His father is YaHuWaH himself. Josedech, the name of his Father,  means Yah is Righteousness.  A lot of people think this is JESUS CHRIST. Well I’m going to say it is and then some. YaHushWaH (Jesus) was the first fruit of many. He was our role model. He states in his word that he is THE VINE and that WE are the BRANCHES.

In Zechariah Chap 3 we have Joshua standing with Ha Satan at his right side before the angel of the Lord (Michael). YHWH states that this Joshua is a Brand plucked out of the fire. He is arrayed in FILTHY GARMENTS. He has been in a warzone. BABYLON. He is given new raiment to wear and a crown is placed on his head. He is told that ” the” BRANCH will be brought forth. The day he is referring to is the DAY OF THE LORD. The last day because he states that all iniquity will be removed from the land in one day. Furthermore he says that every one alive shall be neighbors under THE VINE and under the FIG TREE. The Vine is Yahushuwah.  The Fig Tree is the accursed tree.  Remember this tree was cursed by Yahushwah because it didn’t bear fruit.  Any stragglers that survive the Apocalyse will fall into this category. They will all be in subjection to THE BRANCH though who will rule and reign.

The stone with the 7 eyes is placed before Joshua as well. These are the seven spirits that we also see in the Book of Revelation. The Cherabim or Seraphim angelic beings that are the 7 spirits of the 7 “churches” . In other words the Joshua’s of this world have at their disposal these seven spirits to walk to and fro across the earth to SEE WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON. We are the first fruits of the risen Savior and we bear his HOLY NAME YAHUWAH through the finished work of his son Yahushuwah.  We are the JOSHUAS. The sheep.  I believe the 7 spirits may be the PLEIADES but that is another teaching. The FLOCK of the 7 Sisters. The DOVES.(see the music video “Pocketful of Son shine” listed below)

At any rate Zarrubbabel is NOW. We are one of the  TWO WITNESSES. One of the two Olive trees. The other one is YahushuWaH himself. THE JOSHUAS-Yahushuwah’s progeny.  Hence Zarrubbabel and Joshua are the TWO WITNESSES of the book of Revelation. One will tear down Evil structures and the other will replace them with the Truth. One Sows and the other Reaps. Now these two ministries may become embodied in two specific people as the age winds down. One will totally cut through the crap and expose all the LIES and the other will LEAD many to all TRUTH. One is more Secular and the other is more Priestly but I feel as time goes on we are going to see the lines being drawn in the sand and people will have to make a conscience choice as to whether they want to continue to live a LIE in the Matrix or turn their life upside down for the TRUTH. The choice will be theirs as YaHuWaH doesn’t force himself on anybody.

A lot of times the characters in the bible are just that. They are ARCHTYPES. There may or may not have been an actual person by that name. It doesn’t matter. What matters is the spiritual significance behind  what’s being stated.  Suffice it to say YaHuWaH has his ELECT ones on the earth and he will pluck them out of the fire and redress them and clean them up. Ha Satan is at their right side continually accusing them but he gets silenced by Almighty God. Even the angel  (our High prince-Michael) has a “problem” with the Elect at one point but he stands down as well. We are YaHuWaH’s CHILDREN and FIRST FRUITS. We were made a little lower than the angels as Ha Adam.

In chapter 6 of Zechariah we get into the four horseman again and I am still working on this as well. It is SO IMPORTANT. I believe now they are the four Arch Angels in the spirit world but they have human counterparts on earth as well. There are 4 names mentioned. Helem or Heldai, Tobijah, Jedaiah and Hen. I don’t know what these mean as of yet. It is a mystery. Satan also has his counterparts to this so it gets confusing. Four are working iniquity and four are helping the Elect.

The book also deals with the Millennial Reign, so a lot doesn’t make sense as it hasn’t occurred yet. It is a prophetic book. Another mystery…

The time is now to get your SIEVE out and start sifting! There’s a whole lot of BS going on and it’s been going on for a very long time at our expense. YaHuWaH will help you if you choose to follow THE WAY , THE TRUTH and the LIFE-Yahushuwah Ha’Massiach. The choice is yours. Choose this day who you will serve.  Shalom…

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