Moving on through the Matrix- Psalm 31

the matrix

Well I hope you can see by now that you can’t believe a damn thing you see on national TV basically. We cannot control what Hollywood is fabricating in these end times but suffice it to say, that the intention is to lie and mislead you away from the TRUTH. I really want to get off this topic now and move on to more spiritual things as the time is short and YaHushuWaH’s return is eminent in our lifetime.

The important thing is for us to be spending as much time with YaHuWaH and listening to his instructions as to how we can be safe during these perilous times that we are living in. No amount of “prepping” is going to save you if you don’t know the KING.  The Fear of YaHuWaH is the beginning of WISDOM.  He alone is able to send your soul to hell and he hates evil as much as we do.

  I was shocked to see even at the hospital I work at how many health practitioners are caught up in witchcraft. Sure, YaHuWaH has made the herbs and roots and vines, and flowers, but to make it a Religion is just pure worship of the creation and not the Creator. The same goes for the astrologers who worship the planets, sun, moon and stars.. You can’t have any other gods before YaHuWaH. He is a jealous God.  He will cast you out of His holy family for that kind of stuff. The same goes for using Pharmacology which is also modern  day accepted witchcraft. You are altering your body chemistry and moods, emotions, and cells and blood such that the body can not  heal itself naturally.

We have to leave Babylon and all that that whore is offering to us. The accepted norms of society as we know it.  It’s traumatic I know, but it is essential.  Take baby steps and YaHuWaH will help you.  I was getting all wrapped up in exposing the sham that it was really getting a grip on me and my peace of mind. It is not YaHuWaH’s intention to lead us into that delusion but to deliver us from it. You just have to be made aware as to what has been occurring and what is occurring on the world STAGE. That is what it is… A STAGE. and the people involved are ACTORS. They are not qualified to be running anything. They are phonies and hypocrites. They suck off the truly qualified people in the background, and steal the limelight and credit. Kind of like that kid in school that did that to you in your classroom growing up. The one who did no work but got equal credit in the group project-you know?

I always thought that was a stupid idea even in grade school but school is designed to dumb down people now anyhow and make everybody on a level playing field so there is no incentive to excel anymore. Why do all the work and then have to share the credit with some lame duck? Give me a break! No wonder the kids coming out of college don’t know how to do anything these days .

Well, I just wanted to set the tone for some more spiritual topics as I feel now this is where YaHuWaH would like to go with this blog. I know a lot of you coming here are interested in the conspiracies and NWO and Illuminati stuff and I know a whole hell of a lot about that, but we need to keep our eye on YaHuShuWah and how he is able to deliver us from that evil. It’s important to know your enemy but its even more important to know your SAVIOR and the one who is able to DELIVER you  from the enemy. 

Ask YaHuShuWaH to show you THE WAY and to guide you into all TRUTH.  Selah.

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  1. What exactly truly stimulated you to write “Moving on through the Matrix-
    Psalm 31 | Endtimelect”? I personallygenuinely enjoyed it!
    Thanks for your effort -Belinda

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