Regulus- The Heart of the LION- The Lion King

leoThis star which is located in the Constellation of Leo is one of the four Apocalyptic Royal Stars which we discussed in an earlier post. He is also representative of one of the Four Horseman of the book of Revelation. He marks the Summer solstice on June 21st.

He is nicknamed  the “little king” or the Basilica. (The Little horn?)  Other names for him are are REX, and Richard the Lion-hearted was also named after him. He is also associated with a symbol of a SICKLE. A reaper. Maybe a A Nazi or a Russian? Putin?

The star itself is much bigger and brighter than our sun (4X bigger, 140X brighter ). It is a BLUE STAR.  The star is a rapid spinner at 15.9 hours/revolution and if it were to spin only 16% faster, the star would break apart. It will be occulted in March 20th, 2014 by an asteroid that we discussed previously…  163 Erigone . (Eri Gone?).

So what does this mean? Well, we identified the first two horseman in previous posts. The WHITE horseman being Barack Obama and the RED horseman being the DALAI LAMA. So who is the PALE HORSE? Well it has to do with the Lion and Regulus.  Pale is the color of the LION.

The Pale Horse is a conglomerate of TWO to FOUR  INDIVIDUALS… DEATH and HELL. I’m thinking that it may be Prince William as he was born on none other than… You got it… June 21st!! His brother Harry may be in there as well. I still think William is the Anti-Christ Beast though, being cloned from the Vatican owned Shroud of Turin. He is a CLONE of Jesus Christ. The BEAST. If he’s the Beast, than he’s not the Horseman. The Horseman has to be somebody else from the NORTH. (The Watcher from the NORTH). How about the False Prophet Pope Francis?

The Bildeberg Group is meeting this week in the UK. They make and break world leaders. Could they be getting ready to bring the antichrist to the forefront? Hold on to your crowns because we are getting ready for a financial roller coaster ride. We still have the BLACK HORSEMAN to go before this one rears it’s ugly two to four heads. The beloved Antichrist World Leader will be presented after his “Father” gets murdered. (see post on Oedipus Rex). His “Father” could also be the past Pope-Benedict  and not necessarily his presumed biological father Prince Charles. I’m thinking they will bump off Charles though to put Junior in charge.

We’ll See…. This one is still a few years down the pike yet. The stage is being set though. The next 13 years will usher in the Trumpet Judgements. The last 7 years before YaHushuWaH returns will start in 2026 with an asteroid, comet or meteor strike. Maybe 163 Erigone? We’ll see….

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