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Regulus- The Heart of the LION- The Lion King

leoThis star which is located in the Constellation of Leo is one of the four Apocalyptic Royal Stars which we discussed in an earlier post. He is also representative of one of the Four Horseman of the book of Revelation. He marks the Summer solstice on June 21st.

He is nicknamed  the “little king” or the Basilica. (The Little horn?)  Other names for him are are REX, and Richard the Lion-hearted was also named after him. He is also associated with a symbol of a SICKLE. A reaper. Maybe a A Nazi or a Russian? Putin?

The star itself is much bigger and brighter than our sun (4X bigger, 140X brighter ). It is a BLUE STAR.  The star is a rapid spinner at 15.9 hours/revolution and if it were to spin only 16% faster, the star would break apart. It will be occulted in March 20th, 2014 by an asteroid that we discussed previously…  163 Erigone . (Eri Gone?).

So what does this mean? Well, we identified the first two horseman in previous posts. The WHITE horseman being Barack Obama and the RED horseman being the DALAI LAMA. So who is the PALE HORSE? Well it has to do with the Lion and Regulus.  Pale is the color of the LION.

The Pale Horse is a conglomerate of TWO to FOUR  INDIVIDUALS… DEATH and HELL. I’m thinking that it may be Prince William as he was born on none other than… You got it… June 21st!! His brother Harry may be in there as well. I still think William is the Anti-Christ Beast though, being cloned from the Vatican owned Shroud of Turin. He is a CLONE of Jesus Christ. The BEAST. If he’s the Beast, than he’s not the Horseman. The Horseman has to be somebody else from the NORTH. (The Watcher from the NORTH). How about the False Prophet Pope Francis?

The Bildeberg Group is meeting this week in the UK. They make and break world leaders. Could they be getting ready to bring the antichrist to the forefront? Hold on to your crowns because we are getting ready for a financial roller coaster ride. We still have the BLACK HORSEMAN to go before this one rears it’s ugly two to four heads. The beloved Antichrist World Leader will be presented after his “Father” gets murdered. (see post on Oedipus Rex). His “Father” could also be the past Pope-Benedict  and not necessarily his presumed biological father Prince Charles. I’m thinking they will bump off Charles though to put Junior in charge.

We’ll See…. This one is still a few years down the pike yet. The stage is being set though. The next 13 years will usher in the Trumpet Judgements. The last 7 years before YaHushuWaH returns will start in 2026 with an asteroid, comet or meteor strike. Maybe 163 Erigone? We’ll see….

Oedipus Rex- Who was he? Who is he now?

The illuminati loves theatre and they worship the ancient Greco-Roman dieties. Rex is none other than the Lion King or “little king” that we discussed in the Mazzaroth post. He is the Antichrist figure. The Bascilicus. His star is REGULUS. The Watcher from the NORTH. He will be brought to the forefront as a Global Leader and will be well received initially by the World. He will be a charismatic figure. Watch for the play out of the REX drama in his life. His real “Father” will be murdered to fulfill the storyline. He will be sexually incested by his “Mother”. This could be being played out behind the scenes even now or has been ongoing. What you are told about this person is only what the Elite want you to know. The TRUTH of the matter is hidden to the public. This is Satanism on the highest level.

Aldebaran, Regulus, Antares, & Fomalhaut- The 4 Horseman

The lion King

We already discussed Aldebaran at length him being the RED HORSEMAN of the apocalypse. The Bull’s EYE. Time to discuss the other three.


We already showed that it is the Scorpion being traded under foot by Ophiuchus who is holding the serpent in his arms so he can’t escape. (see my previous post about Genesis 3:15). The Scorpions are the serpent’s seed according to Gen 3:15.  Well Antares is in Scorpio! It’s actually the HEART of Scorpio.  He shows up at the Autumn equinox. He is also a RED GIANT STAR. His name means Anti-Aries. Anti-War. In Greek mythology this was a ruse as he duped Zeus and caused his death. This would coincide with the WHITE HORSEMAN. Promising peace but all the while planning War. His sting is lethal. ( i.e Obama?  Born Aug 4th.-A CANCER in Sidereal astrology…Taking office under this sign) Also the sign is special to Hawaii-Obama’s supposed birthplace. It is also referred to as the FISH HOOK. The people of Hawaii believe a giant FISH HOOK pulled their islands from up under the sea.  He is a false fisher of men.


Fomalhaut means “Mouth of the great Southern Fish”. It is located in Piscis Austrinus. It is a lone prominent star in the night sky, being nicknamed the lonely star of Autumn, and one of the brightest. The Fomalhaut/Earthwork B in Mounds State Park near Anderson, Indiana lines up with the rising of the star Fomalhaut in the fall months. The New Scientist magazine calls it the “Great Eye of Sauron” due to its shape and debris ring.  It is believed to have a  rogue “planet” (starship?)  possibly circling it’s dust cloud.  This  planet has an erratic and unpredictable path. (Wormwood?)

Fomalhaut  was worshipped as DEMETER. Demeter was an agricutural goddess who was also known as the mare Goddess. She rode a BLACK HORSE. i.e. FAMINE. She was married to Poseidon hence—– the mouth of the great fish! The  third HORSEMAN.


Rēgulus is Latin for ‘prince’ or ‘little king’. The Greek variant Basiliscus is also used. It is known as Qalb al-Asad, from the Arabic قلب الأسد, meaning ‘the heart of the lion’ “the star that stands in the breast of the Lion: the LION King.”(who says Disney doesn’t know EXACTLY what they are doing. They know this stuff!)The lion’s name was SIMBA. Simba technologies. Look it up! They service such beasts as Microsoft and Oracle with their cutting edge technology. Software for business and economic purposes. The Beast NWO global economic system. The REGULATOR.

This is the PALE HORSE. The one who brings Death and Hell. Regulus is a multiple star system consisting of four stars so this is consistent with the four part nature of this PALE HORSEMAN.  Next year in March 20th,2014 this star will be occulted by an asteroid known as 163 Erigone.  ( ERI GONE? )Who knows what this will bring?? They say if this star were to spin only 10% faster it will tear itself apart! Yikes! It’s referred to as a speeding “bullet ” in the galaxy.

So as you can see the book of Revelation is talking about CELESTIAL EVENTS that will be mimicked here in 3D on earth! We need to know this stuff! The Satanists do!

YHWH put the records in the heavens just in case they destroyed and perverted the written word which is of course is what they did! Time to learn astronomy folks! You can read the heavens! They can’t mess with that…YET. (They sure are trying though).

LEARN and study the MAZZAROTH. I put the Mazzaroth post in my archives and I refer back to it all the time. It is the most important tool on my site. YHWH wants to show you his plans. We are His progeny here on the Earth.