Pole Shift Is Eminent -Isaiah 24

pole shiftYaHuWaH has been speaking to me about Pole Shift. I had a rough couple of days this weekend with it being the Summer Solstice and all and you can bet your bottom dollar there was a lot of murders that went on this weekend for the cults. I could feel it in my spirit. YaHuWaH is pretty much fed up with this planet and will destroy it as we know it. Read Isaiah Chap 24. This is a description of a pole shift where he allows the Earth to be turned UPSIDE DOWN.  It says the sun and the moon will be confounded and will not give their light properly. In Revelation, this is the 6th SEAL. I believe this will happen in the next 20 years at the latest. YaHuShuWaH will return in 2033 to establish his kingdom on the earth and when he does, the planet will be reset back to it’s Eden- like state. HE will serve as the sun for us due to his brilliance and preeminence. We will not need a moon as there will be no night and no need of sleep. We will be energized by HIM and by the fruit in his new garden He establishes. There will not be any meat eaters and the animals will all be at peace among each other.

There is no way to prepare for this in the natural. The elite who think they will be safe underground are gonna be in for a surprise. No one will be capable of hiding from the WRATH of almighty God.  They will be furious and their money will be WORTHLESS. Satan has lied to them and promised them a way of escape but there is none. “DEN” VER  isn’t going to save you! There is only one GOD- the Most High Elohim- YaHuWaH. (YHWH). They tried to blot both his name and YaHushuWaH”s name out for all eternity by removing it from our pagan so called “BIBLES”.  Well, the ROCK is the WORD and the WORD can never be destroyed. It is the only thing you can bank on.

Heaven and earth will pass away but the WORD (YaHushuWaH)  will NOT pass away.

The Illuminati and Satanists have had their day in the SUN but their SUN is going to reel to and fro like a drunkard just like them. The MEEK shall inherit the new Earth and the MEEK are the sheep…Not the haughty fucking elitists. They are going down…Literally. The Word says they will either be held captive in the pit or they will be ensnared. Those that survive the shift that is. YaHuWaH has assured me that the ELECT 144,000 will not be harmed. We will be divinely protected. I’m planning to go to Jerusalem this fall now to see what HE has in store for us. I believe he is calling his ELECT there to watch the fireworks from a front row seat.  The people over there now for the most part are NOT his ELECT. Most of us are still floundering around not knowing what to do or where to go yet as the SPIRIT RUACH has been teaching us 1:1. We are like the BREEZE and move around a lot. “Ruach gypsie”s if you please! ( HA! Ha!).

Well I’ll try to post some video about the pole shift which even scientists won’t refute. That’s why we are seeing massive flooding now and extreme weather. The magnetism of the earth is weakening exponentially. Supposedly, the North Pole has shifted around 160 miles in the last few months!! It’s moving towards Siberia. When it gets close to a land mass it could flip the poles because the ley lines are weaker and can’t hold the mass of the earth in that position.

Well it’s really frightening I agree. Hang on to GOD…. and I mean the ONLY TRUE GOD …

The one who CREATED US and our planet EARTH and galaxy and universe.



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