The Word of YaHuWaH for 7-4-14. And it’s Not Happy 4th of July!

Washing in the Word of our Elohim

Washing in the Word of our Elohim

Jeremiah 34:13-20.

13 Thus saith the Lord, the God of Israel; I made a covenant with your fathers in the day that I brought them forth out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondmen, saying,

14 At the end of seven years let ye go every man his brother an Hebrew, which hath been sold unto thee; and when he hath served thee six years, thou shalt let him go free from thee: but your fathers hearkened not unto me, neither inclined their ear.

15 And ye were now turned, and had done right in my sight, in proclaiming liberty every man to his neighbour; and ye had made a covenant before me in the house which is called by my name:

16 But ye turned and polluted my name, and caused every man his servant, and every man his handmaid, whom he had set at liberty at their pleasure, to return, and brought them into subjection, to be unto you for servants and for handmaids.

17 Therefore thus saith the Lord; Ye have not hearkened unto me, in proclaiming liberty, every one to his brother, and every man to his neighbor: behold, I proclaim a liberty for you, saith the Lord, to the sword, to the pestilence, and to the famine; and I will make you to be removed into all the kingdoms of the earth.

18 And I will give the men that have transgressed my covenant, which have not performed the words of the covenant which they had made before me, when they cut the calf in twain, and passed between the parts thereof,

19 The princes of Judah, and the princes of Jerusalem, the eunuchs, and the priests, and all the people of the land, which passed between the parts of the calf;

20 I will even give them into the hand of their enemies, and into the hand of them that seek their life: and their dead bodies shall be for meat unto the fowls of the heaven, and to the beasts of the earth.

Selah.- (see my other post on the SACRED COW).

Today is the 4th of July- Independence Day for the United States. What a sham! We are no longer a FREE nation. We are under BONDAGE to an Oligarchy. Where did our REPUBLIC GO? This is not the same country I was born in. The wolves have crept in and have massacred the sheep. YaHuWaH has said that in the beginning the country had a pure heart to worship HIM in freedom and in Truth, but that has been polluted and HIS NAME has once again been blotted out in this nation. There is only one God and his name is YAHUWAH. The scholars know it, but they don’t want you to know it. They want to keep you enslaved to your false religions. Seek the TRUE ELOHIM. Time is running out. This nation is corrupt to the core. We are not FREE here. You are a slave to the Beast System.

YaHuWaH is calling his ELECT to Jerusalem.

I will be going sometime this year as He leads. As a postscript…

Islam is an abomination to YaHuWaH. It is starting to run rampant. What is wrong with these people? It is the spirit of ANTI-CHRIST. Especially for the WOMAN whom Ha Satan hates with a passion. HER SEED against HIS SEED. Get it?? Women of the world you need to come out from these Babylonian Religions and take a stand against the DEVIL who wants to destroy WOMANKIND and her SEED. If the fricking men won’t protect you, then you need to protect yourselves. EVERY WOMAN should have a handgun to blow these f’ing Bastards that try to rape or molest you or your children to Hell where they belong. God’s not playing.

YaHushuWaH (Jesus Christ)  loved women and he took a stand on numerous occasions to defend womankind. His closest disciple was a WOMAN. Mary Magdalene. Period. John the beloved was in there too as was James and Peter.

Islam is targeting WOMEN… Why would ANY WOMAN follow that HERESY? Come on Ladies. Stop the bullshit will you please?  This is NOT OF GOD! Islam is of the DEVIL! Mohammed was a RAPIST… Please do your research… He was a liar and not a prophet of the TRUE Elohim.  Get out of that mess…They want to Rape and KILL YOU! We need a place for these women to go. A safe haven. They used to have safe cities in the ancient days where you could flee to.. We need that again…I will see what YahUWaH has to say about this. I’m sure he cares way more than I do about what is happening around the world to WOMEN-His creation than I do. I will keep you posted. Women in bondage—- there is LIBERTY in the NAME OF YAHUWAH.


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