Illuminati name codes deciphered- Trayvon Martin HOAX – The NITRAM Connection

A bad boy who makes other's lives hell.


A NITRAM is a very bad boy who makes other’s lives HELL.

Well this case is all over the media and I got the word from YaHuWaH about this one today. If you spell Trayvon Martin backwards you get :

novy art ( art noveaux)     nitram

This new “art form” is being fabricated by NITRAM Media out of none other than Miami , FL!!

They have connections with Hollywood and the UK Elitists. The whole point is to stir up the blacks against the whites in the USA and to polarize the country and to go after another…you got it… GUN rights of Standing your Ground! You have to hand it to these scoundrels…They are very clever,  but then again they have ET’s/demonic entities helping them orchestrate all of this, so that the dumb masses haven’t a clue as to what is real or not. This company specializes in virtual imagery, television production and documentaries. Here’s the write up from their Facebook website.


“We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations. Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive.” (as in personas created from their imagination )

Nitram Communication + Design is a design company that creates the ideas in your head into a reality. So many of us have an idea clearly in our heads but we don’t know how to translate that on to the computer and in a proper format to show the world. We listen to your ideas and make them into a reality. From print to web we’ll take your vision and make it possible for all to see. (Like on National TV under the guise of it being “News” to further your agenda)

Company Overview
Nitram Communication + Design started in 2008. After working for an advertising firm for 3 years, Martin Casado owner of Nitram Communication + Design, branched out on his own and told a few people he was starting a company and hasn’t stopped working since. ( I guess not putting out bullshit news stories) .Nitram Communication + Design specializes in all fields of print and web design. Provide us with the size and dimensions and we will make your vision possible. We create, innovate ideas and concepts. We keep constant communication with our clients and keep them updated with our progress, and together our collaborations create amazing results. Most of all we strive on deadlines, client communication + deadlines are the key to our business and sacrificing a few nights of sleep is worth keeping our clients happy. ” We love design and spontaneity and whatever your needs are our company will definitely produce professional results.”
Oh and one of his clients is Illuminati Satanist High Priest Jim Carey as well as the American HEART association. (Them vampires gotta have their blood ya know!) Another convenient client is Informed Parents (A Non- profit of informed parents that know how to scam the crap of the general public most likely)
Other Nitram Named companies include the NITRAM Masonic Lodge out of St Petersberg , FL,, a security company out of California and, an internet software company out of Chicago, IL ( where Martin Casado is the innovator of NICERA software)
 It’s my guess they are all Illuminati owned. 
I wonder who George Zimmerman really is??  That’s another project.
Suffice to say, Trayvon Martin is a character.  He never existed. The whole story is a made for TV DRAMATIZATION & POLITICAL ploy against our 2nd Amendment rights.  AGAIN. Period.

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