Noah’s Ark, Mt. Judi (Mt. Cudi=Yahudi) and The Anti-Christ Base Compound.

Mount Judi (Arabic: الجودي‎ al-ǦūdīAramaic: קרדו‎ Qardū,[1] Kurdish CûdîClassical Syriac: ܩܪܕܘ‎ Qardū,[1] TurkishCudi), according to very Early Christian and Islamic tradition (based on the Qur’anHud:44), is the Noah‘s apobaterion or “Place of Descent”, the location where the Ark came to rest after the Great Flood.

The Quranic tradition is similar to the Judeo-Christian legend. The identification of Mount Judi as the landing site of the ark persisted in Syriac and Armenian tradition throughout Late Antiquity but was abandoned for the tradition equating the Biblical location with the highest mountain of the region, which therefore came to be known as Mount Ararat.

Jewish Babylonian, Syriac, and Islamic traditions identify Mount Judi or Qardu as a peak near the town of Jazirat ibn Umar (modern Cizre), at the headwaters of the Tigris, near the modern Syrian–Turkish border. Arab historian Al-Masudi (d. 956), reported that the spot where the ark came to rest could be seen in his time. Al-Masudi locates Jabal Judi at 80 parasangs from the Tigris.

So why is this important?

This is where the Anti-Christ, according to Daniel Chap 11:45 will set up his compound in the Highest Mountain  (Mt. Judi or Ararat?) during the imminent pole shift and cataclysms.

What was good enough for Noah’s Ark is what’s good enough for him he figures, as that mountain range was the first to be exposed after the flood.

So…What is being built on Mt. Judi? Is there a base set up there inside the mountain?   Probably so. If not, there will be.

Another name for this Mountain. is Mt Cudi, or Qardu.  Quar signify’s FOUR. Here we have the FOUR horsemen gathering together in the End Times. (There is no ” J ” in ancient languages including Hebrew).  “Ararat”, in the bible,  was a whole Mountain range of which Mt. Judi belonged. It is not located in northern Turkey. That is a lie . A “midEVIL” change to throw you off base.  It is located in the Uratu Mountains  and according to ancient  Armenian legends the ARK was sighted there and discovered years ago by archeologists. Hence they know this is where to build their End of Days Compound, which they definitely don’t want the masses to know about. They are the END TIME PREPPERS par excellence!

The whole Mt. Ararat in Turkey location is another Illuminati HOAX to throw you off base. That Mountain is an active volcano and they sure wouldn’t build anything on it of this magnitude, unless they are stupid.  Furthermore this ties into the whole Semiramis connection. She is the queen of SYRIA. The black horsewoman will take the famine to Syria as millions already are suffering there from that war torn country. They want to position themselves strategically to attack Israel and I believe Mt. Ararat would be too far away to do so. Ararat was mistranslated from the Uratu Mountain Region. It was a region, not a particular mountain, that was being referenced. That came much later in the Middle Ages. Mt. Judi, however, is 200 miles farther south and at the mouth of the Tigris River and an assortment of ancient documents confer that this was Noah’s Ark’s landing place.

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