There’s no place like home. John 17:14-16


Too bad we don’t have one. At least not here on this planet, that is. I’ve been feeling very homesick lately to be in the presence of YaHuWaH. I’m in a funk. We Elect just don’t fit in here at all. The world really has nothing to offer us. I’ve pretty much been there done that. I do want to go to Israel though. I doubt it’s any different there though than here in the cruddy USA. Commercialism and fraud every where you go. People are so shallow also. Everybody’s got their nose in a cell phone or I pad or laptop. Nobody is communicating face to face anymore. It’s pathetic.  Especially at the airports. I hate flying now also with the TSA bullshit you have to go through. I always Op Out and you should too unless you want your body scan in a National Data Base.

It’s very lonely being one of the ELECT. Most people are so involved with their family, friends, social life, school, work,  spouse, church, politics, etc that they are not serving God even though they think they are. He is a very jealous Elohim.  I am not working now, and YahuWaH won’t let me it seems. Every time I apply for a job I don’t get it, and I’m a trained medical professional.  It’s kinda depressing because I am type A so it’s hard for me not to work.  He wants me totally dependent on Him and I’m having a hard time with that, cause I’ve always had to look out for myself. I just can’t seem to find anyplace to settle down here either. Nothing fits. It really sucks. Well I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling this way out there. I’m trying to prepare myself the best I can psychologically for when the rug gets pulled out from under us. I really don’t think there is any way to prepare for that though, in the natural. Only YaHuWaH can deliver us and hide us from that Wrath he has in store for this planet. I wish there was gonna be a Rapture. Too bad that’s a lie.
He has assured me though that nothing will hurt me or any of the Elect. Can’t say that though for the rest of the people out there. They are on borrowed time. Don’t believe the ZETAS either. Nancy Leider’s group. They don’t know shit. She’s another con artist.
Those demons are lying bastards.  Only the Ruach Ha’Kodesh can lead us to safety and it may not be where you think is should be.  It may not be rational or underground or high on a mountain, etc… The only Safe Zone is in Our Heavenly  Father’s arms. Draw close to YHWH,  and He will draw close to you…..That’s my “Prepper’s”  sermon for today.


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