What to Make of the Patti Brassard Interviews?

Well, I for one am stumped. She may be Government disinformation. She’s not an Elect of YaHuWaH, so she doesn’t have any spiritual insight as to the events, but  she’s a smart “Lady” at any rate. Some are saying now that she is a HE.  It’s an alias and I can understand that whole- heartedly if this person is a whistleblower. The thing is, is that these events will eventually occur according to scriptures, but she threw me for a loop on her timing this week. Needless to say, I was very upset because the Elect are still at risk if this is the case and YaHUWaH has told me that we will be gathered together by HIM personally prior to this stuff happening.  Not a RAPTURE though.

When the earthquake hit Seattle, either she is an insider and  she knows it was HAARP or she is telling the truth but stretched it a bit. Maybe they are getting it ready to loosen it up for the pass by on the 17th so that it really will cause a 15.0 Mag earthquake. I wouldn’t put anything past these Illuminati murderers. They want us dead. Their goal as Patti stated, is to reduce the population to 500,000 per the Georgia Guidestones outline. (google Georgia Guidestones).

It seemed odd that they closed all of the embassies this week, that Congress is in recess, and that Obama is on Vacation, …AGAIN.  Coincidence? It could be fully orchestrated by the Illuminati though, also as another FALSE FLAG domestic terrorism scheme. Something to justify Obama calling Martial Law on us. Who knows? Well YaHuWaH knows that’s who. I’ve been asking Him to tell me what the hell is going on?  I am in readiness mode for sure though. Went and bought some WATER, and got CASH out of the bank and a full tank of gas.

According to Patti, staying above ground is NOT an option. You will Burn from the UVC ionizing rays since the Ozone shield will be down. Nice huh? It destroys DNA. UVA and UVB are bad also, but the UVC is the worst. I did a little research about this and she’s right. You would have to protect yourself in a FARADAY CAGE. At the least you need to protect your electronics in one or they will fry. This is all new to me also. How come nobody ever told us this shit?

Cause they want us dead, that’s why.

Well If I’m gonna die, then that will be YaHuWaH’s will. I’ll get to see him sooner than I thought though. I really wanted to go to Israel this year…..That’s our home.

Well,  I guess all’s we can do is wait and see. I do believe all that she says is going to happen in our lifetime. (Within 20 years) .She just threw me off base by saying it’s gonna start this week. Keep watching and if I get any new info I”ll let you know.

Pray for MORE TIME ….The Elect need to Listen up!!!

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