My Take on Patti Brassard-8-24-13

Okay, I have to admit she got me really shaken up last week. A lot of what she is saying is Bible and End Times stuff. The problem comes in, in that she is not an Elect. Patti is very New Age. She’s now talking about ascension and avatars, etc… which is not scriptural. She is, however, very knowledgeable about pole shift, radioactive fallout, and planetary/heavenly bodies. She’s a smart “lady”. I think she is sincere, but has maybe incorporated some Hollywood drama into the predictions she’s made, which wouldn’t surprise me as they script a lot of this stuff through the movies. The word AVATAR never even cropped up until recently, so you can see how they are baiting the public for their own agenda.

The part that really bothered me about Patti’s interviews was the fact that the government is totally shut down right now. This screams red flag to me. Where the hell are all these people? Anything on TV could be being staged from a television set deep underground. Nobody would be the wiser.

I personally took her disclosure seriously enough to move off the West coast. YaHuWaH was telling me to do so also, and that was the final straw last week. I’m outta there. It was not easy getting out either, and if there is a disaster or panic nobody will get out. That area of the country is LAND LOCKED. Now with the fires also, that has made it even worse.

I’m moving to a safe zone as we speak. It is not easy I assure you. There are NO JOBS in these areas mind you. You have to get off the grid. It’s going down in our lifetime. I do agree with her on that. Not sure that it will be this soon though. She is saying next month ….Sept 26th.  I hope she’s wrong. We are not prepared for that at all.  I don’t know how I will support myself, but that will be YaHuWaH’s problem to support me. I can’t seem to find work now anywhere I try, and I now believe he doesn’t want me to work. It’s very hard for me not to work. I’m type, A mind you. It’s like telling me not to breath…

I think Patti has probably been following conspiracy stuff for years by the sounds of it. Together with her computer savvy she can talk a good talk and know what’s she talking about. The problem is though, that you can’t put YaHuWaH in a box and He will call the shots even if it’s contrary to our known science. He is our Creator and He can create a whole new paradigm shift if he so chooses. He can defy the Law of Physics if He so chooses. The thing that gets me is that He is giving me scripture to back up what Patti is saying!

If you read the prayer verses He gave me this morning you can see the line in verses 9 & 10 (Psalm 33) is pretty much right on the money about bringing things to a standstill. Especially “He maketh the devices of the people of NONE EFFECT.” Pretty right on awesome, wouldn’t you say? That’s why I can’t refute what she is saying, as YaHuWaH is giving me the Word to back her up. Like I said, it WILL HAPPEN in our lifetime. We have 20 years at most. 2033 is when YaHushuWaH will return to fight the battle at Meggido. (Armegeddon). 2026 is when the GREAT tribulation should begin. This 13 year period prior to that should be the lead up to that with the 6th seal happening prior to 2026.That is the pole shift and it could go at any time now, so she may be right. (Rev 6:12). We have the four horseman identified now and they will all show up in Syria most likely to rally the survivors after the pole shift happens. Obama, the Dalai Lama, Angelina Jolie, and the Royal family (Charles, Will, Harry, and now George). Mama Queen is no longer in the picture. I do believe she was forced to step down just as Patti stated. The media will say she died or retired or something. We also have the false Pope or prophet, “Francis” to contend with. All of these work for the Vatican,mind you, and the Jesuit priests who practice Enochian Satanic magic. Satan with his fallen angels rule this planet. They were cast out of heaven and took up dominion here eons ago. The Elect or called out ones are not part of this world system. Eden and the garden were an isolated colony here. There were other humans here prior to it but they were not Ha ADAM. Only Ha ADAM had the God Breath breathed into him and an eternal soul imparted. Other humanoids here did not have this. Well, that’s an entire whole teaching on how the angels inbred from then on with human woman because they couldn’t reproduce. They started their own seed line which was not Ha ADAM.

Well, I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens… It all will eventually happen though so securing your salvation through right relationship with YaHuWaH is the most important thing. Spend as much time in the WORD because that is our conduit to him. The TORAH especially. Keep the Sabbaths as best you can to honor his creation and method of doing things. They all tell a story about his plans for us as his set apart ones. His progeny. We are a small group. The word says FEW…I myself don’t know but a handful of truly saved people. If you aren’t using the divine name, that’s a pretty good indicator your not at this stage of the game…JESUS CHRIST is not your savior…He doesn’t exist. YahushuwaH on the other hand did exist and does exist and will return here in our lifetime.

I think Pattie hit a few home runs but she didn’t knock it out of the ballpark yet. She is not one of the two witnesses because she doesn’t have the divine name in her mouth, Okay? She is just a smart lady who wants to tell what she knows and therefore she is on our side. Anybody that stands for TRUTH is on YaHuWaH’s side. We are not to forbid them from speaking up. It’s so important though that you can sift out the error and discern the other stuff she is saying that is not the truth. It’s a very fine line. Stay close to YaHuWaH. That’s the main thing and HE alone will lead you into ALL TRUTH…..


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  1. Patti Brassard is a crackpot…. end of story. Im sorry that you had to go all through that moving away from the west coast, but history tells that anywhere you go there will be a disaster if you wait long enough. she is quite the Fairyteller, and her stories would be better put on paper instead of causing mass panic. I hope all is well with you and your new life. 🙂

  2. Lissakrhumanelife

    Hi, I was on the call tonight. Thanks for the link to this site. I want you to know that I thought it was me talking reading your thoughts on Pattie. I feel the same way. After the first interview on youtube of Pattie (listening to it countless times, and other interviews) I packed-up my dog and I, and left Florida by the ocean. I still want away from here and like you head north to higher elevation, to live off the grid. But I have obligations. However, you need to know that I have seen the 2nd sun many times now, and the mini planatary system here, and the sun seems to be dying. They hit it with lasers, a 3rd of the sun is smitten, another Revelations.

    Remember who helped Jesus, the good samaritan.

    I don’t think you made the wrong choice. It might save your life. YAWA is talking to a very few of us telling me the same thing. But, I’m a TI.

    See the following videos to help in your decision. I think the time is here, Nov:

    • I too am a TI and I’m trying to find some Farm Land and a house in the Midwest now as we speak. Nobody wants to rent though and allow you to have farm animals.I think I’m going to post a tab on my site where we can pool our resources and set up a Farm Community in a safe zone. I am in Iowa right now and have been exploring these area for the past three weeks. Pray that YHWH will lead me to the right community to do this where we won’t come under Government Surveillance. I went W/O cell service last week and I’ll tell you it was hell as I own a business and it hurt me financially. They have us pretty much boxed us in if you are not self-sufficient which 99% of us are not. I am not near any Nuclear Plants or Earthquake/Mountain building/Coastal sites though so I am thankful for that.
      Still, they have blacklisted me so I can’t get a job. (I’m a Medical Professional). Money is running out and I don’t know what to do…What are you doing??

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