Camping out with YaHuWaH- The Feast of Tabernacles- Ezra Chapters. 3-6


I’m sorry I’ve been so distracted this past week with all the media hype about Syria and poleshift updates and FEMA alerts, etc… I have moved to a safe zone myself, having come from the West Coast, and am still in limbo (homeless) right now. I am a real “fish outta water” and it’s not comfortable to say the least. I’m finally settled down this week in a nice “CAMP” environment so I can concentrate on my blogging and keeping you informed as to what is going on. The country is basically being turned upside down as we speak. I spent over an hour sitting in traffic Friday on a major US interstate for “road construction” that was non-existent and there were no police to be found anywhere. The lanes were just closed. One lane with traffic for miles and no reason except for three guys working in a segment about 50 yards long. The one lane traffic went for about a mile before this, and needless to say the traffic backed up for at least three miles and nobody was going anywhere. What the hell is going on???? Well we are in Martial Law here as far as I can see.

I also keep trying to see if I can see Nibiru but no luck. Maybe this too is a hoax, but the experts are saying you can’t see it with the naked eye as it is in the UV spectral range. I need to just settle down now and spend concentrated time with YaHuWaH to see what the deal is.

He did give me a word today about the Tabernacle. Ezra Chap. 3 -6.  It tells about how the children of Israel were trying to rebuild the 2nd Temple after they were allowed to return from Babylon and how they were given a lot of grief over it by the locals. We have the two witnesses in place Jeshua and Zarubbabel who are heading up the entire project with the blessing of  King Cyrus of Persia. The foundation has not been laid yet though, but the altar and the daily sacrifices have been re-instituted. The locals send letters to the reigning Kings (written in SYRIAN) to try to stop the project when the Jews prohibit  the locals from participating in the project. They were rejected from being a part of it, (Not politically correct! LOL!)  so then that collective hive mind tries to stop it altogether. They suck up to the King and codify his sympathy by saying the Jews won’t PAY TAXES to his majesty, Ar TAX erxes—-get it?? So He shuts down the project  and they make life hell for the Jews. It’s not until the next King, King Darius, gets in power that they can resume the building project.  It’s like a sandwich. We have two good Kings, Cyrus and Darius saying go for it and one baddy schill in the middle who wants his piece of God’s pie. (Artaxerxes).  I think they are a type of where we are now. We are in the midst of the SYRIAN LETTER writing on the wall of the collective hive mind mentality who wants to run YaHuWaH’s show.

The other two persona  markers are the specific governor Tatnai, and another dude Shethar-boznai and his companions the Apharsachites, who are also roadblocks to the Jews and  who try to stop the building during the first year of King Darius’ reign. It isn’t until the 2nd year that Darius researches Cyrus’ decree and finds the scroll with the orders written to let the Jews alone and let them build their temple.  They question YaHuWaH’s prophets Haggai and Zechariah, the son of Iddo, and challenge their authority.

Well YaHuWaH is telling me that these names all mean something for today. We need to take each name and dig deep as these are not just isolated names of people. These are PRINCIPALITIES that come against Him on a regular circular basis in time! We need to look at each one and see what is YaHuWaH trying to tell us that is hidden here. The hidden MANNA. We definitely have the SYRIAN thing going on right now again while YahuWaH is building his Endtime Temple of Elect. This time though the temple is not in the 3rd dimension. The Temple is within YOU!  So I plan to research this some more and look at these principalities and see what is really going on here. It’s exciting to know that YaHuWaH has History recorded right down to the finest details and that He is aware and in control of all of it! The ET’s and Greys and Draco demons  can try to hide things and mess us up, but to those who love and seek the TRUTH, you will be rewarded and you will find it.


Get it!     The sons of ” I do”   (Iddo) or the ones who say  ” I do”  to God. His BRIDE.


What do you say when you get married?   ” I DO.”         There you have it….

He will keep HIS BRIDE in the Bride Chamber (Tabernacle) until she is revealed at the Marriage Feast at the End of this Age. (2033)

Get ready! The bridegroom is coming !   Selah….

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