Baal- Peor=Baalam= Chemosh=Shamosh=Horus =Jaguar Gods

Mylie Cyrus in  Baal-Peor Worship

Mylie Cyrus in
Baal-Peor Worship

Good Grief!! This Demon sure does get AROUND ROUND alright…

Baal- Peor is the Lord of the Opening. On a 3 D plane that is a Sexual Orifice.

On a 4D level it’s even more insidious. This DEMON looks for an OPENING into your soul and he STALKS you and then POUNCES when you never even knew he was around.

On a 5D level we are talking about a Galatic Worm HOLE. He operates on all these different planes you see…

Lets start with  3D ORAL SEX. In temple worship this was when the prostitutes would expose their vaginas and bottoms to be eaten for money, or they would perform oral sex on the males. It had to do with debasing the worshipper to lick or eat bodily waste fluids, both oral and anal.  Seeing that the female was the donor or performer, this had the effect of debasing the MALES, so it resulted in a false exaltation of the FEMALE making her in control and hence exalting POWER over the Male who was put into submission to her. She was elevated above the POLE ( i.e PENIS).  This was in direct violation of YaHuWaH’s divine order of the purpose of the Male/Female relationship, and therefore it was neither healthy nor virtuous but rather a ROLE REVERSAL of the sexes.  And a pretty disgusting one at that…The two could exchange roles also, with the POLE taking precedence as well, hence we have both male and female Ashtoreth. (Astarte being the female one.)

On a 4D level we have the one who stalks you behind the scenes. THE JAGUAR was this creature in the Mayan culture. The Ba’alam. If you notice many Mayan kings names end with Ba’alam. This is not by accident. The jaguar is what is known as a APEX predator. It has no known enemies that prey on it. It only preys on all other animals. It is a carnivore at the top of the food chain,  and it usually hunts at night by stealth.  Black Jaguars are known as Panthers, so we have the modern day reference to this by the name “BLACK PANTHERS”. The APEX also references the APEX as in a pyramid. (HORUS). Jaguars are capable of killing animals before they even know they are there. They are that fast. They also have a unique way of killing. They grab the HEAD and puncture the BRAIN with their teeth which can cut through even crocodile armor.  They eat the BRAIN FIRST.  (The pineal gland) Then they eat the Heart and Lungs. So they prefer the vital organs.  Another unique feature is that jaguars  get high on a psychedelic root in the wild. The Mayans mimicked this with their drinking of bark root concoctions for their rituals.  (BAL’ CHE- like” CHI” tea.) .Via this method , portals were opened whereby they believed the disembodied spirits could change into jaguars via shape-shifting and enter the 3D world.. The shamans were said to be able to do this as well, and thus the ancient  pictographs of leopard/jaguar spots can be seen on the Mayan subjects in the Mayan reliefs.  The MAYANS could very well be one of the lost tribes of Israel or Egypt. The ones that subverted to Babylonian and Egyptian mysticism.

On a 5D level Baal-Peor strives to gain an OPENING with YaHuWaH so he can attack his ELECT… Spiritual Israel. As Satan did with JOB, he  tries to outwit YaHuWaH to put him in an ethical bind so he has to make a decision which could be seen as harmful on first glance to the believer. As He can’t LIE or DO EVIL himself , but he may have the SCREWS put to him  by Ha Satan (Baal-Peor) to prove a righteous point. These being are PRINCIPALITIES remember. Like a good lawyer they try to prove their point at others expense and look for the weakest link in your life to do so. It’s like a LEGAL COURTROOM. Unfortunately, SEX is usually the OPENING we give to them. The LUSTS of the FLESH. Any kind of illicit sex, married or not, falls under this. ORAL SEX is NOT ordained of YaHuWaH folks.  Married, unmarried , gay or straight, its NOT OK.  It’s a perversion of the use of the OPENING. Mouths are for Eating, talking,  or kissing other mouths. Anuses are for pooping. PERIOD. Vaginas are for Penal penetration and procreation and vaginal pleasuring. PERIOD.  

The LORD of the OPENING is the LORD of LICENTIOUSNESS. Any opening is for any thing you please….

WELL NOT!    Says YaHuWaH! That’s why in Rev. 2:14  YaHuWaH  points this out about the Church of PERGAMOS. (Those who love PURGING. Those who infuse COLONICS!!). He’s not talking about sex outside of marriage. He is talking about ORAL SEX of any kind…. He’s talking about misuse of the intestinal tract also. UNNATURAL ELIMINATION. The doctrine of Baalam…

We’ll pick this up next time with the story of Baalam and Balak. It’s NOT WHAT YOU THINK or what you have been taught!

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