Satanic Christmas-There’s nothing “Merry” about it!



I just want to drop in and let everyone know I’m fine. This is a very bad time for all of us Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors as Christmas is one of the highest Satanic Holidays and has nothing to do with the God of the bible. “Jesus” (no such person) was not born on Christmas. Period. First of all, there is no “Jesus”. That name is derived from Hesperus a DRUID god (evening star-Venus). The savior of the world’s name is YaHuShuWaH (YaHuWaH’s salvation) and HE is the Messiah not  “the Christ”.

There was no cross either. YaHushuWaH was hung on a POLE (stauros) and the bar was placed at the top as in a capital “T” not a “t”.  A TREE.  Speaking of trees… The Christmas tree is probably the most pagan thing you could have in your house. YaHuWaH detests this representation of the Asherah. For all you conspiracy theorists, YaHuShuWaH was born on 9-11 and that is why the Satanists chose his true birthday  to bring down the twin towers. They don’t pick any dates randomly.

Santa (SATAN) Claus is another abomination that YaHuWaH even mentions by name in the book of Revelation as the NICOLAITANS. Hello? He hates them too… You see these abominations have been going on for centuries against the TRUE ELOHIM. The Catholic church sold everybody a HUGE lie all the way back to Constantine. They worship the SUN GOD Dionysis (Greek) or Bacchus (Roman). Mithras was another pagan god, as well, that was born on Dec 25th, so to appease the Babylonians they merged the dates and dieties birthdays to gain converts.

This was a time of total debauchery also. They had open sexual acts with children and beastiality and drunken orgies for a week celebrating Saturnalia (SATURN). It was a totally decadent thing. Do your research people. You say you love God? You don’t even know him if you participate in this crap. If you are ignorant, that’s one thing…I was raised in it from birth and didn’t know till recently. I do not celebrate CHRISTMAS anymore and neither should you, if you are one of his. It’s deplorable… It’s really disgusting to be quite frank and an abomination to YaHuWaH.

Wreaths, Mistletoe, Yule logs…ALL PAGAN… SORRY…..You are practicing DRUIDISM…. It’s really sad. Millions being led astray……Please study for yourself. None of this has anything to do with the God of the “Bible” (another pagan term). You must acquaint yourself with the Torah, prophets and Psalms…YaHuWaH’s guideline and teaching for salvation… It’s not the LAW. There is no word for LAW in Hebrew… Another LIE…

The seven feasts are to be celebrated (see my posts about these) as we are invited by YaHuWaH to do so, in order to honor and commemorate his fulfillment of them through his son YaHushuWaH.  He has filled the first four feasts (Mikrah) and has yet to fulfill the last three feasts when he returns.

So you say, well no one knows the day or hour?  (Matt 24:36, Mark 13:32)  Well if you know HIM, you at least know the month and year, because he makes it plain in his word. He is the WORD. (THE TORAH). The Feast of Trumpets is Yom Teruah or better known as Rosh Hashanah. SEPTEMBER. 2033 or 6,000 YAH. (The calendars are off, so NO ONE can now know the day or the hour ! YaHuWaH has hidden this information).

The LAST TRUMP. That’s when HE arrives…(Sorry pre-Tribbers). These are the days we  need to be celebrating…



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