PAX= PEACE! BEWARE of Sudden Destruction!!



What did YaHushuWaH tell us about when they say PEACE, PEACE? Well that’s all we are hearing on the news today. This Illuminati engineered storm was named PAX intentionally. (See also that  Angelina Jolie named her male child this…another story). This storm is intended to shut down the East Coast. This is no FLUKE storm.  I think the Superbowl ritual had something to do with this one as well. That was done on the Satanic Sex Revels Holiday hence that was why they used two Satanic practicioners of SEX MAGIC to do the show. The Superbowl energy of the massive crowds is being utilized to bring forth these storms just like we had last year with the ZIZ bird Behemoth storm, NEMO.

Since when do we name winter storms? This has been a recent Illuminati trend. When I was a kid this was NEVER done. You see there is a lot in a name. That’s why they blotted out YaHuWaH’s name all 7000 times in the “Bible” and changed it to “LORD”.

Well back to PAX… Pax was a Roman “goddess”. The daughter of Jupiter. She was instrumental in maintaining periods of peace without ANY WAR. This storm will shut down the US military. How so?

Pax is also a Linux computer program. A PATCH, if you will, that only allows the basic essential program to function on as minimal requirements that can still run the program but with nothing extra.  You want to get back to Basics? You want to shut down the internet? This is the storm for YOU!

I believe this storm will knock out a grid. Probably Atlanta- a major hub.  Atlanta was originally  meant to be the new “Capital” for the Illuminati at one point,  but they couldn’t get them to cooperate. Too many bible bashers there. Too many true believers in God.

As I said before, we have both good and bad Illuminati at work here. This is spiritual WARFARE.  The USA is being judged by YaHuWaH for their Idolatry. Specifically, PAX IDOLATRY. Another meaning of PAX is an icon. It is a tablet of stone with a graven image on it. (Like Jesus or Mary). It is an ABOMINATION to YaHuWaH. He specifically stated in his commandments NOT to make a Graven IMAGE. The Catholics use these “PAXES” alot.  Brazen Idolatry. Religious paintings and statues also come into this category.

Back to Angelina Jolie’s kid, PAX. Jolie is the incarnate Semiramis.(Demon, AI  invoked by high Vatican sorcerers). Her first “son” was named after a FEMALE ROMAN GODDESS. This is a perfect example of intentional gender reversal and gender role confusion which the Illuminati Satanists are masters at. This is always done in Illuminati families. My mother’s younger brother was dressed in pink and had long curly hair while they butch cut my mom and dressed her like a boy.

The reversal can be extrapolated to the name “PAX” as well. Though the name means peace literally, spiritually and ritually they are planning for MIDDLE EASTERN WAR! (Without US intervention, by the way…)

So why Atlanta? Atlanta is named for Atalanta a virgin Huntress of Poseidon or NIMROD.  (A follower of ARTEMIS, i.e. Hunger Games Katniss Ever “Deen” again … Every “RELIGION”. Deen=Religion. They took out Paula DEEN this year for her RELIGION… another story)

Atalanta  was the only female allowed on the ARGO to go with Jason to get the golden fleece. She was an ARGONAUT. The lost Island of ATLANTIS was named for her. As we all know, it was sunk in a Day!  Atlanta is the “new” Atlantis to the Illuminati, especially the Nazi Thule Society.  Atlantis was a REPUBLIC. Something the “bad” Illuminati do not want, hence they intend to sink her in a day. In Mythology, she gets turned into a LION. (The Lion KINGS… again.)  Atlanta, though has a way of “Rising from the Ashes”. If you go to downtown Atlanta, you can see the bronze statue of the Phoenix in Woodruff Park. According to the new MAP of the USA after pole shift, Atlanta will be on the EAST coast of the USA. It will be the EAST COAST CAPITAL after pole shift. They want full control implemented BEFORE pole shift, so that the New World Order grid will be totally in place prior to Pole Shift.

The Lion Kings want control of ATLANTA. ( See my post on Regulus the Regulator-the PALE HORSE-The 4th Horseman)

Well, I’m sure there is a hell of a lot going on behind the scenes. Stay off the roads and hunker down. Nobody is going to be going anywhere on the East Coast for some time. It may be out for weeks or months. But that’s to take the focus off the real battle which is going to be going on over in the Middle East. The real WAR will be heating up over there. This is a DIVERSION.

Pray for the PEACE of Jerusalem!

Pray for the PAX of Jerusalem!


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