Paul the Apostate Apostle



It seems YaHuWaH wants to make it clear that this man Saul of Tarsus was NOT his chosen vessel to the Gentiles. PERIOD. This man was an apostate that started his own religion. CHRISTIANITY. YaHuShuWaH told his disciples to go to the lost sheep of Israel. PERIOD.

First off, we need to look at Saul’s  account of his “so called” conversion experience.Mind you this guy was a murderer of those that followed THE WAY that YahuShuWaH taught. He was complacent in watching the stoning of Steven.

YaHuShuWaH himself said that there would be false Christs coming after him, and that if anyone said they saw him in the desert, a town, etc… that they would be lying. Everything must be established by two or three witnesses, and in Paul’s accounts the witness accounts don’t match up. One account says they saw a  flash of light but didn’t hear anything, while the other account says the exact opposite. Voice and no flash or vision.
Furthermore, the saying that he states was said by YaHushuWaH, about the “kicking against the pricks”  was a VERY ANCIENT saying (prior to Messiah) which was said by Dionysius. It was a PAGAN saying. Nothing like that in the Torah, prophets or psalms.

Likewise, do you honestly think that YaHuShuWaH would BLIND someone when approaching them? He healed Blind people for crying out loud! He doesn’t CAUSE blindness. To be struck with blindness in those days was seen as a curse in the Hebrew culture.

Saul, whose name was foreshadowed in Isaiah as SHEOL (HELL) or Shaw’ul, changes his name to Paul. Names are very important to YaHuWaH. SHEOL means “Question Him!” while Paul means LOWLY. He’s a lowlife liar alright! He’s right in there with Mohammed, another shill. Is this a case of Multiple Personality Disorder or  Schizophrenia?  Demon possession? He is led BLIND to Damascus and guess where he goes?

To the house of JUDAS. Come on… REALLY?? Could that be any more blatant? The street called STRAIGHT? (Contrary to THE WAY which YaHuShuWaH preached.) Paul was also a homosexual, so that’s another slap in your face. (Timothy was his gay lover).

Then his buddy in crime, Ananias (Remember the priest alongside Caiaphas who condemned YaHushuWaH?), comes and heals him and the SCALES (Reptilian?) fall off his eyes. How come the other witnesses weren’t blinded? Remember Ananias and Sapphira? The two LIARS whom YaHuWaH drops dead? We all thought that was rather harsh now for lying about a piece of property they sold while holding back the money. Well it’s the same dude and his lying bitch wife. He reaped what he sowed. Another blatant reprobate liar. They sold the TEN COMMANDMENTS! The sapphire (Sapphira) tablets. They were the high priest and priestess of the Pharisees. The keepers of the ark of the covenant.

There is no NEW covenant. God doesn’t change. YaHuShuWaH was the fulfillment of the covenant. He is Yah’s SALVATION. The passover Lamb whose blood we put on the door post to our soul so that we will be passed over when the angel of death comes by. We become grafted into YaHuWaH’s family through the finished work of our Messiah.  We KNOW we are saved by what he accomplished and how he fulfilled the first four moed Mikrah of YaHuWaH’s festival meetings.

Paul’s doctrine of GRACE is based on the Gratia or Charities of GREECE. THE MUSES. We already talked about these pagan demigods. Paul was a ROMAN through and through. Most of his letters (which are NOT SCRIPTURE) are based on the Greco- Roman religion of Dionysus and he fashioned his religion of CHRISTIANITY based on those belief systems. The trinity, the CROSS, The CHURCH, SUNday, Dec 25th, etc.. are all pagan concepts and have NOTHING to do with YaHuWaH and his Torah.

Paul has led Millions astray with his doctrines.

The Torah is the ONLY Covenant of YaHuWaH and it will always be. Don’t let Paul lead you astray any longer. Follow the LAMB of GOD, YaHushuWaH and HIS WAY. THE WAY. THE ONLY WAY. THE NARROW WAY.

Come out of Babylon and let the DEAD bury the DEAD and let the BLIND lead the BLIND.

Your WERE blind but now you SEE!! Don’t be deceived any longer.

YaHushuWaH came to give you back your SIGHT!!

Take it and run with it!

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