Data Mining via Human Resource Department “Credentialing”

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This is the latest SCAM….Has anyone else got a dose of this? I’ve been looking for work now for several months and every HR department has this gestapo list of crap they put you through that they say they have to have for you to “QUALIFY” for the job. Now mind you, I have a state license as a professional, but that isn’t enough for them. NOOO… They want to know what I have done for the past 30 YEARS!! and WHERE I have lived for the past 10. Who is policing these scumbags from data mining my personal information and selling the info to a third party? I’d like to know!! Is it going into the new UTAH based NSA Beast Computer System and how do I find this out??  I blame these corporate HR Departments who are keeping the public from getting any jobs here in America. I recently landed a short term contract job and when I got there, the permanent employees have less CRITERIA they have to meet then me as a Contractor.

Furthermore, the last two interviews I went on lasted over FOUR hours and everybody and their brother had to talk to me because NOBODY can make a decision and NOBODY is accountable and NOBODY is getting hired. It’s a fucking joke!

Then there was the BAIT and SWITCH interview, where I went to apply for one job and they tried to push me off on something entirely different when I got to the interview. These companies suck. One HR woman told me I had to get a fucking flu shot if I wanted to work there and I told her to FORGET IT then…What a bunch of Bullshit and these assholes don’t even see that they are RUINING our civil liberties and our country.

Employers love hiring foreigners too. No background checks available. No records. Easy as pie for them… ME?? I got put through the most harassing bunch of bullshit questions I’ve ever seen in my life and every AGENCY makes you start all over again from scratch with their stupid CREDENTIALING process. Now WTF is going on here?? It used to be you had a diploma, a license, past couple of jobs, and maybe a couple of references and that was your CREDENTIALS. Now they want blood work, piss, drug test, TB, FLU, Vaccines, Background, Credit report, EVERYTHING!!! It’s an INVASION of my privacy.

No testy….no worky!! It’s gotten fucking ridiculous. And they pay these young college kids to harass the real professionals to get the goods on us seasoned workers. No wonder this country is in the shitter. No respect of their elders. Just jerk us around  data mining our professional information and experience. Can you tell I’m pissed?? Somebody needs to be addressing this fiasco in Congress. It’s hiring discrimination against US citizens in our own country!!  Oh and they ALWAYS get your AGE too. They make sure they get that one with your GRADUATION DATE.

I’m so disgusted with the whole thing. Nobody is minding the shop. They are all too busy playing on FACEBOOK and TWITTER and people are going without employment because of these LOSERS they have working in HR departments across the country. The whole process is BROKEN. There needs to be some oversight and  follow through. Positions that are filled, need to have it posted WHO GOT THE JOB. There needs to be ACCOUNTABILITY. Call your labor board in your state. I think this is FRAUD being perpetrated on the public at large. There needs to be an investigation into FRAUDULENT job posting and hiring practices. It’s absolutely rampant and despicable.


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