The Word of YaHuWaH Concerning flight 370. Psalm 35: 4-8.

Was this a staged disappearance? Was it an abduction of the aircraft? Did the plane crash? We may never know…One thing, if you connect the dots… the fact that 20 people worked at an Austin Semiconductor Company that had just contracted with the US Military to make military chips used in electronic warfare and spying, seems significant to me. We already discussed the Darpa/Vatican connection in an earlier post. (Masks and Mirrors). We know that Darpa works for the Vatican and that the Illuminati have been  back engineering alien spacecraft for over 50 years now. They could have intercepted this plane in flight or the plane’s computer could have been hacked also and the plane flown remotely.  We also know that the Vatican is into RF chips and their whole plan is to have everybody chipped. Their APRAD unit (Darpa backwards) is  solely dedicated to R&D in this area. What could be more of a prize then to kidnap 20 employees of this top notch RF chip manufacturer? Blackmail?

Then again, maybe the employees really worked for them all along or maybe they weren’t even human to begin with! Just going home on the mama ship? Hybrids? That would explain the sudden change in direction also. The huge UFO was headed towards them. Then the cloaking technology kicked in and viola! No Plane!

Well the word I’m getting now is that YaHuWaH ‘s angel took them out!!


This was a GOOD THING!

This was a direct intervention by God to subvert a company that is going after our human souls to invent a microchip that can kill targeted humans from satellites using microwaves. The technology is EVUL (EVIL)  and this company is a direct co-conspirator with DARPA and the Vatican to try to subvert the unknowingly/blind  population. The crew members  have been annihilated.  Their time was up. Any innocent bystanders on board will not be held accountable. They are with Michael.

What they intended for the mass populace has befallen them. They have been targeted. They have been reduced to chaff.

This is a blessing in disguise…They need to quit manufacturing these evil devices.

They are on Notice from Almighty God.


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