Did flight MH370 have a Nuclear Bomb on Board?

Did the US Military circumvent and remotely take over  MH 370 due to Nuclear cargo on board the plane?

Or did GOD?

Note:  the plane is still intact.

It did not crash and it did not land.

It was intercepted in midair and confiscated.

This was a supernatural intervention by MICHAEL.

The media and governments can not explain what happened.

>POSTSCRIPT> It has since been revealed to me that this was not a nuclear reaction but rather a clean up thermite disposal explosion by YaHuWaH’s crew. The cargo of MH370 contained  weaponized RFID nanochips that would have proved castastrohic to mankind. They have been destroyed in a safe and manageable manner. People in NM are not in any danger. (For now anyways… See my posts on MOAB).

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