Isaiah 15: The Burden of MOAB. God’s Near Future Judgement on the USA.


The Burden Of MOAB.  Isaiah Chapter 15

verse 1:

1.AR– Little Rock Air Force Base is the home of the 19th Airlift Wing. Two tenant units, the 314th Airlift Wing and the 189th Airlift Wing (Arkansas Air National Guard) report to Air Education and Training Command. A third tenant unit, the U.S. Air Mobility Weapons School reports to Air Combat Command.

The combined efforts of these units allows Team Little Rock to deploy and train the world’s best C-130 Combat Airlifters.

(Note: C-130’s are used to deploy MOAB)

2. KIR– KIRKLAND Air Force Base. Kirtland is the home of the Air Force Materiel Command‘s Nuclear Weapons Center (NWC). The NWC is the center of expertise for nuclear weapon systems. The NWC’s responsibilities include acquisition, modernization and sustainment of nuclear system programs for both the Department of Defense and Department of Energy.

verse 2:

BAJITH– house or  idol-temple. It has also been regarded as denoting simply the temple of the idol of Moab as opposed to the “high place.” The House of MOAB. Where the bombs are housed.

DIBON-=(DI BAN)- Two “cursed”. To pronounce an Ecclesiastical  curse on these two sites.


MEDEBA- A historic town in Jordan it contains a beautiful mosaic map located in St Georges cathedral on the floor. The map contains two unknown sites. It is a HOLOGRAPH. A bible code for HOT SPRINGS, healing waters. .( i.e Little Rock, AR and Albuquque, NM.)

verse 4:

HESHBON- A historical Jordanian town ruled by AMORITES.   Amor ites are IT Geeks. The ones that will take down AR and KIR.

 King SIHON was their ruler. This an anagram for the King of ZION. GOD, himself,  will take them out using computer technology.

ELEALEH- God has ascended. He is arisen. He will rise to the occasion.

JAHEZ- A SHIP. As in spaceship.

verse 5:

ZOAR- Zoarites, emigrated from the kingdom of Württemberg in southwestern Germany due to religious oppression from the Lutheran church. They did not practice baptism or confirmation and did not celebrate religious holidays except for the Sabbath. A central flower garden in Zoar is based on the Book of Revelation with a towering tree in the middle representing Christ and other elements surrounding it representing other allegorical elements. The town is located  in Ohio. A Safe Zone.

Altenatively, ZOE=LIFE….. All life in AR will be erradicated.

LUHITH- Upward bodily ascent.  Abduction or false rapture.

HORONAIM- Hidden or cloaked Name. False name of JESUS. The Name Of YHWH has been hidden from them. They are on the spiritual road that leads downward. The name used by the Whore of Babylon.


NIMRIM- Nim is a mathematical game of strategy in which two players take turns removing objects from distinct heaps.

                 Rim is the outer edge of a round object, i.e. the EARTH. God is sorting the wheat from the tares. 2 piles.

BROOK OF THE WILLOWS- (WILLOWBROOK)- a corrupt Staten Island institution for mentally ill or delayed children. A Psych ward.

verse 8

EGLAIMEglin Air Force Base- Known for the first Test site of MOAB will also be judged.

BEER ELIM- The beer guzzling drunken military supporting  masses. “Support our Troups crowd”. Another group that will be eliminated by God.

verse 9:

DIMON- Two Moons. Two blood moons foreshadowing and timing the destruction.

I am still working on this Bible Prophecy noted in Isaiah 15 but YaHuWaH is informing me that:

MOAB will be targeted and these three AFB’s.

He has ears to hear what the spirit is saying to the Ecclesia.

I would not be anywhere near these three bases over the next 1-2 years.

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