High Tech Ritual Magic and Malaysian Flight MH370


The Illuminati is conducting a Satanic Ritual over the missing flight MH370. We need to investigate the terminology that is being manipulated in the main stream media to draw the masses into this mass mind control lie. First off there was no crash. PERIOD. And yet the media has led you to believe that that is the only outcome when logically there could be countless other reasons for that planes disappearance. They have steered you to their OUTCOME and theirs only. (THIS IS MASS MIND CONTROL).

We have heard a lot about “Pings” lately and reference to the Black Boxes (see my post on the CUBES OF SATURN) being involved in the ritual.  PINGS are not what you think. They are referencing DISK CLONING. NOT HARMONICS. (Although some Harmonics are at work also..Namely the frequency they are actively INTRODUCING into the ocean for their ritual magic. None of this is for the victims benefit mind you. It is for POWER OVER THE MASSES!

Disk cloning is the process of copying the contents of one computer hard disk to another disk or to an “image” file. This may be done straight from one disk to another, but more often, the contents of the first disk are written to an image file as an intermediate step, then the second disk is loaded with the contents of the image. Typically, this is done for archiving purposes, to restore lost or damaged data, or to move wanted data into a new disk, though other reasons also exist.

Unlike standard copying functions, disk cloning involves copying hidden and in-use files, and thus presents special challenges, as those types of files are typically not available for copying. Additional complications arise when the process is used for networked computers, as the network must be able to distinguish between different computers. Post-cloning operations may be necessary to address these and other issues.

This is an invocation of 4th dimensional entities to clone the missing plane and data and produce the deception to dupe the public. It could also be literally used to clone people and bodies from the plane.

We have references to “HANDSHAKES” with a computer Satellite system that has no Hands. Watch the semantics they employ.

Other terms being used in the invocation are of course TRIANGULATION (reference to Egyptology and Pyramids).

The ARC or ARK for the satellite parameters. (Notice NOAH premiered in Hollywood also during this same time).

We also have actor “ANGUS” (BULL)  “HOUSTON” (NASA- Houston we have liftoff) now running the Australian investigation.

I told you about the “BULL” being the RED HORSEMAN (The BULL’s EYE- eye of SAURON) centered on INDIA in an earlier post.

Now I understand that it was not the country of INDIA but rather the INDIAN OCEAN YaHuWaH has referenced in the Book of Revelation.

They are also talking about SILT now. Silt, deposited by annual floods along the Nile River, created the rich, fertile soil that sustained the Ancient Egyptian civilization. These are code words for the invocation of the higher dimensional entities. Silt being composed of QUARTZ CRYSTALLINE.

We have OCEAN SHIELD on site. The name of the ship.  SHIELD=Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division. This is SPIRITUAL/PSYCHOLOGICAL/ TACTICAL WARFARE.

If you watch CNN be careful not to be sucked in with their “ACTOR” experts. It’s all scripted to lead you astray from the TRUTH.

CNN Expert RICHARD QUEST is an elitist. “RICHARD” as in King Richard the Lion-Hearted (QUEEN OF UK) is on the QUEST (for the Holy Grail!- GET IT!).

CNN Expert MARY SCHIAVO is a play on the Terminally Ill case of “Terri” SCHIAVO of times past where they pulled her LIFE SUPPORT down in Florida. (MARY referencing MARITIME). The Illuminati loves DRAMA and REENACTMENT cause they are ALL ACTORS on the ROMAN STAGE.


THE MILITARY is all involved also and is so compartmentalized that nobody is the wiser as to what is going on. LOOK at the terminology being used.

IT IS THE KEY. They don’t choose these words arbitrarily. They are being manipulated MAGICALLY for the ritual. Get your dictionaries out and look up all these terms they are utilizing. It is all by ILLUMINATI DESIGN.

YaHuWaH has HIS OWN PLAN FOLKS. They can conjure crap and demons all they want. We his emissaries will not be deceived and we are here to educate you folks that are awake to look deeper into what they are plotting here on a global scale.

Most of those folks on MH370 are STILL ALIVE! (200). The others are dead and we already addressed that, who, and why.

We will be discussing the VALLEY OF VISION. IT is what YaHuWaH is telling me to teach on next. I have NO IDEA what that involves-but HE DOES and it is PERTINENT here. Read Isaiah 22 as that is where we will be going next with this.

The survivors of MH370 are in the VALLEY OF VISION and it is NOT what you think!

More to come. Stay on these LIARS on TV. They are scrambling now.

All these mass shootings ,mass stabbings, rioting  (UKRAINE), etc…ARE STAGED CHAOTIC EVENTS. (CHAOS THEORY). None of it is REAL folks. This is the MATRIX crumbling right before our eyes. They will step up the deceptions and events exponentially here now. They may start doing REAL KILLINGS also. Everyone needs to self report. If you live in these areas you need to EXPOSE the SHAM. They can do this LEGALLY. It is Artistic License.

They feel this is ART! A FORM  of ART to DECEIVE YOU!

It is UNETHICAL and IMMORAL. We need to stop them in their tracks!

I could tell one cop on CNN was NOT COOPERATING today with the MASS PA STABBING DRILL.

He kept calling the stabber “ACTOR”.      Good for YOU Mr. Honest Police Officer!

Halelu YAH!


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