Isaiah Chap. 23 The Burden of Tyre (The ROCK).



YaHuWaH wants to move on now through the next book of Isaiah and quite frankly I have no idea where he wants to go with this, but he has made it very clear to me that this is the next piece in the Endtimes puzzle. We all know that Damasus is going to be destroyed according to Chap 17, and it will be turned into a heap of trash. Well, chapter 23 deals with a coastal city named TYRE. Now according to Wikipedia, TYRE means “ROCK” and specifically it was BERYL ROCK. Beryl as we know, is one of the foundations of the throne of YaHuWaH. It got me thinking that maybe each of these “Burdens of the Lord” represent a different stone in the breastplate of the High Priest. That would make 12 burdens, 12 stones, 12 tribes, 12 cities, each having a specific layer to add to laying the foundation for YaHuWaH’s Kingdom here on earth when he returns for his millenial reign.

Now TYRE was a financial merchant shipping center. It was know for it’s rare purple dye which comes from the murex shell. Purple was the color of Royalty and still is. In the last chapter (Isaiah 22) we talked about THE VALLEY OF VISION and went into a whole teaching on the NAPA Valley and the rising up up THE ROCK for that area. Eliakim or YaHuWaH’s chosen priest for that LAND.  We said it would be Dwayne Johnson who fits the bill for the coastland of California in setting up YaHuWaH’s Endtime kingdom there. Well YaHuWaH has likewise set some clues here as well, as to who his chosen one will be over the coastland of TYRE and SIDON. This area will specifically be used to serve the Elect and will supply them with their clothing (Royal duds) and imported food. That natural port will be refurbished and renovated for this purpose.

The ships of Tarshish (Which also means BERYL) will frequent this port and restock the supplies. Tarshish was associated with the Tribe of ASHER and with SILVER. During King Soloman’s day, the King of TYRE was KING HIRAM. (remember the Mormon/Masonic guy?) He made a blood pack with King Soloman as a blood brother and supplied him with the lumber, ships, etc. to build the temple for YaHuWaH. My guess is that one of his descendants will rise to this position during YaHushuWaH’s return.
The passage says that there will be a seventy year period of QUIET around this area. (Daniel’s 70 years?) Then the area will SING LIKE A HARLOT. Well I found this language intriguing. I looked up “Lebanese Singer” on google and I found a unique person by the name of SABAH. This Lebanese actress/singer was an international sensation around the early 20th century. She is still alive now, but she’s in her late 80’s and hospital bound. The woman had 10 MARRIAGES! There’s our harlot marking TYRE for this Endtimes Era. I’m guessing when she dies this area of TYRE and SIDON will once again come to the forefront on the world scene. That’s a valuable natural port and it belongs to the Endtimes kingdom on earth. It will be interesting to see what transpires there after the demise of Damascus. History is coming to a close and you can bet your bottom dollar these cities will be in the news here along with Damascus in the not so distant future.

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