5/3/14 Update on MH370- Indian Ocean Staged Set

Diane Farr or Sarah Bajac?

Diane Farr or Sarah Bajc?

Well, here we go with the staged movie set in the Indian Ocean. We warned you about this about a month ago when the Malaysian woman sighted the crashed plane from the air on March 8th. (Raja Delelah) It amazes me that that was NEVER covered in the news, even though the woman filed TWO police reports. (See our post on this). We also had eye witness sightings and witnesses hearing Haarp Type Ringing for 2 MINUTES right around the time of the midair CONFISCATION of the jet at 45,000 feet over Penang airspace.

The Illuminati really wants to make a movie about this, so they may have staged this set in advance with a cloned plane of MH370. They have the ability to do so, as we have discussed in some of our previous posts about human cloning, and also the fact that there was also a double plane in Tel Aviv. Boeing has to be complicent in this whole plot, having made more than one of this same plane.

At any rate it’s all a LIE. The plane is intact, and 200 of the people are still alive and are with MICHAEL as we already stated. They are in the Valley of Vision (Silicon Valley). The crew and 20 scientists from FREESCALE have been annihilated for their participation in this planned delivery to Diego Garcia of Weaponized RFID microchips that were on board the plane. The planes’s manifest is BOGUS and those were not typical LI batteries. The two TRIDENT security guards who knew what was on that plane were murdered as we already disclosed in a prior post.

I will try to get an update on the passengers for the families as YaHuWaH discloses, but right now they are in training and being well cared for. It is for YaHuWaH’s plans that that ship was taken and also to intercede to protect humanity from the deployment of those EVUL chips. (See my post on Masks and Mirrors). Microchipping is insideous and YaHuWaH had to have MICHAEL step in to deter this. It’s gotten way out of hand.

Those chips were destroyed, as we stated in another post, having been detonated in New Mexico. Any biological or weaponized additions to the chips were rendered inactive prior to destruction of that cargo. It is the cargo that the Illuminati was most concerned about, along with the plane itself, as that particular jet is a long range jet capable of traveling over 7,000 km.without refueling and also able to carry a warhead. Also of concern, of course was the Intellectual property and persons from Freescale for their scientific knowledge and design capabilities of the chips. Jacob Rothchild had everything to gain by that jet’s disappearance.

I’m also having some suspicions about the Sara Bajc character now. I’m not sure who she is, but she may be an actress. This was supposed to be a staged crash event after the cargo got delivered to Diego Garcia. She looks a lot like Diane Farr. Diane Farr  is married to an Asian guy also. I saw a movie last night called Collision Earth where she played a character named “VICTORIA” and I had to do a double take wondering if it was her!       (We talked about that name also in an earlier post- the 4th beast of Daniel).

The other thing that is bothering me is the missing students from the SEWOL disaster in South Korea. I feel that too was intentional (torpedo?) and that a lot of those teenagers were taken as sex slaves and actually were taken off the ship. There are a lot of them still unaccounted for,  and that whole recovery effort was a disaster in and of itself.

The Illuminati are ramping up these planned disasters. Those demons that they work for know their time is short. I’ll be glad when YaHuWaH destroys all of these bastards from off the face of OUR EARTH. It’s time we take our planet back for humanity and kick these fricking lizards and their totey’s to the curb. It’s about time don’t ya think?


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