Peleg, Pangaea, and Poleshift- Genesis 10:25, Isaiah 24:20


There is nothing new under the Sun, and pole shift is no exception. In the book of Genesis, after Noah’s flood, we have the first mention made of a pole shift occurring on the face of the earth. When YaHuWaH originally made the dry land and the oceans it was all one land mass. One piece. The continents were not divided as they are today.

This land mass in our recorded history was known as Pangaea. (there were other names and configurations prior to our Bible story Epoch, but those were for prior ages not associated with Ha ADAM.)Fossil evidence for Pangaea includes the presence of similar and identical species on continents that are now great distances apart. Additional evidence for Pangaea is found in the geology of adjacent continents, including matching geological trends between the eastern coast of South America and the western coast of Africa. The name is derived from:


Gaia as we know was the name of the Earth and Pan we know was that devilish character with the cloven hoofs. They were already busy at work corrupting the populace and the Tower of Babel was being built under NIMROD, one of his progeny. YaHuWaH disperses them and confounds there language, creating the first Babylon. So how did he do that? POLESHIFT. People run to the hills, die, drown, earthquakes, landslides, whatever… Total chaos ensues. The continents are slid apart to further geographically provide barriers among the people. An ice age also sets in after the pole shift occurs due to clouding of the atmosphere from volcanic eruptions, and many more die from starvation, lack of food, disease, lack of sunlight etc…

So how do we know this? Well the bible says “Peleg” lived during this time. Peleg means DIVISION. The time when the Earth was DIVIDED. Gen 10:25. This was after the construction of the  Tower of Babel was initiated. If you notice the ages of Peleg’s  predessessors, you can see that they all lived to be over 400 years of age. After Peleg, however, that number drops to HALF of that. 200+ years!! It cuts the human lifespan in HALF!!! It was that TRAUMATIC of an event. That would be like us living to be 40 years old nowadays. I’d be dead already if that were the case.

This shows that something happened suddenly and globally. There was no continental drift. That came after the fact. It was instantaneous. It was cataclysmic. It put those high tech people back in the dark ages. The same thing happened to Atlantis in a prior age. The same thing will happen in our age. The bible is very clear about this. Read Rev. Chapter 6.  YaHuWaH will make the Earth TURN UPSIDE DOWN and REEL TO AND FRO. like a DRUNKARD. (Isaiah 24:20). The Elohim have the means and technology to do this, and He will not be usurped. It has happened numerous times in the past. It is a judgement set against Collectivism and the Hive Mind Saturnian mentality.
He alone is GOD.


His name is YaHuWaH.


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