7/12/14- Back in the Matrix and Isaiah 56. The Word of YaHuWaH.

Rocky Mountains

Sorry I haven’t been writing lately, but I’m back working in the Matrix temporarily and I must say I don’t like it! I don’t know how you folks work 40 hours a week and think you can hear from YaHuWaH because I can’t. I can’t be confined to a time schedule, because He usually talks to me during the wee hours of the night, and then I can’t get on a regular sleep schedule. Right now, I am so sleep deprived that I can barely function. This is NOT a good thing and I miss hearing from God. They have me working my ass off and I’m so keyed up that I can’t sleep. I also think I’m being electronically harassed during my sleep time so I can’t relax… It’s pretty miserable. Can’t wait till this job is OVER!

At any rate, we have some MAJOR ISSUES coming to the forefront here with Israel under attack and all. You have to understand that the people living there ARE NOT the JEWS of the bible. It’s pretty well Rothchild/Kazar controlled. They think they are God’s Elect but THEY ARE NOT…They are Satan’s seed. Brotherhood of the SNAKE and LUCIFERIAN. It’s hard to say what will happen there. Furthermore, there is no such thing as a PALESTINIAN either. There were PHILISTINES that lived there in GAZA at one time, but YaHuWaH wiped them out. That name PALESTINA was a ROMAN TERM. None of those people living over there in Gaza or Jerusalem are the heirs to that land. Most of the REAL Jews are in Syria (and still scattered all over the world), hence that’s why they are trying to wipe Damascus off the map. According to Isaiah Chap 17 this is exactly what’s to happen. It’s a BIG END TIMES marker.

The Word I keep getting from YaHuWaH is ISAIAH 56. In it, YaHuWaH explains that the TRUE ELECT love HIS NAME and KEEP HIS SABBATH.(Saturday). He alone will gather them from all over the planet and bring them to “His Holy Mountain” on His own terms. It’s a covenant relationship between us. He calls the modern day Jews “dogs” in this passage, because they are lazy and greedy and don’t know or even care to know YaHuWaH. The Christian preachers are also mentioned with their “ABUNDANT LIVING” messages (Roman goddess Abundantia). The name it and claim it groups. i.e.Fred Price, Joel Osteen, Kenneth Copeland, TD Jakes, etc…They think their traditions of men will deliver and save them.

Furthermore, they do not accept YaHushuWaH as the corporeal manifestation of YaHuWaH who served as our PASSOVER LAMB to put us in right standing with our Creator. They don’t know his NAME and they don’t KNOW HIM. They follow PAUL. There is/was no one EVER named JESUS. Period. That was a ROMAN FABRICATION (via Shaoul-Paul) to blot out the TRUE NAME of God and to appease the DIONYSIS/MITHRAIC SUN- WORSHIPPING PAGANS.

There is only one TRUE GOD and HE has only ONE NAME.




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