Tutmoses III and the Battle of Megiddo. Will history repeat itself?

YaHuWaH woke me up the other night and spoke this name to me. He wants us to be acquainted with this pharaoh and the history behind Har’ Meggido and what went on there in a prior battle in antiquity. I find it interesting that this guy bears the name of MOSES . The whole story runs in close conjunction to the Exodus account of the Hebrew Moses. I also find it interesting that he chooses the NARROW WAY through the Aruna Mountain Pass and outsmarts the Assyrians. Some say this is THOTH or HERMES. At any rate, we see a” type ”  here of what is to come.  and a foreshadowing of the final Battle of Armageddon which also will take place in this very location according to the Book of Revelation.  History will repeat itself,  and our own Messiach– YaHushuWaH,  will be our General in this soon to be final showdown battle between GOOD and EVIL.

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