8/10/14- Sounding off in an Insane World

Jael murders Sisera

Jael murders Sisera

I just want to interject my opinion here at what appears to be a complete unraveling of our society as we know it. This is all by design of course. Like you, I’m sure , I am feeling totally over-whelmed right about now, as to the state of affairs in our world and the constant barrage of horrible news coming off of our television screens. I had to take a break for a day to gather my thoughts and to remind myself that nothing can happen without YaHuWaH’s permission, so this must all have a place in his End Times plan.

So far, we have some pretty significant wars in the Middle East and in the Ukraine.  I don’t really understand the whole Ukrainian thing, quite frankly. I think the MH17 crash was a FALSE FLAG operation. I never got the feelings about that crash that I did for the MH370 disappearance. There were too many conflicting stories about MH17 and even to the point of some eye witnesses saying they were dummies on board. New passports being seen taken out of a van and being strewn on the ground …The whole thing being staged…

The Hamas-Israel conflict got the brunt of my attention last week seeing as Jerusalem is the apple of YaHuWaH’s eye and future location of his kingdom here on Earth. The “Palestinians” (there is no such race of people) have no claim to that land, as it was given to the Jews by God himself when he told Moses to go there and take possession of Canaan. They are the squatters, That’s not to say that we should murder innocent civilians for being displaced, but ISLAM is a menace to society and should be OUTLAWED. There are NO GOOD MUSLIMS. If they follow the Koran then they want you DEAD if you are not a Muslim. Mohammed killed and tortured anyone that did not convert just as ISIS is doing now in Iraq, They rape and pillage the women and children and brutally behead the males and starve the elderly to death. This is exactly what they are doing in Iraq now to the Yezidi tribes and to Iraqi Christians AND to any Shite Muslims also I might add.  These people are BARBARIANS. The RED Horsemen.

Next we move to the whole EBOLA nightmare. Here we have the Nightmare beginning her work, bringing plague to the four corners of the Earth. The Black Horseman. Bringing those two Americans back to a public facility in the United States is a CRIME against Humanity. They had no right to do that. The ONLY method of containing this virus is QUARANTINE. You think they are going to tell you when hospital workers start getting sick in Atlanta? You gotta be kidding me! This is about PHARMACON running the show. They don’t give a rat’s ass about those people… Just how they can profit from it. Mad scientists. And whatever you do..DON”T TAKE ANY OF THEIR FUCKING VACCINES! They want to kill you!

It’s really depressing to say the least. So what do we do? Well I asked YaHuWaH the same thing. Being type “A”,  I’m a doer. I can’t stand sitting by and watching this shit as the world goes to hell and a hand basket. That’s when he assured me that HE HAS MY BACK. It’s not my problem. I am to stay close to him and stay under his “WINGS” of protection. Nothing shall in any means hurt those that belong to him. But you say… They are murdering Christians!!

Well guess what? Christians aren’t part of the covenant. They follow PAUL not YaHuWaH. I told you before to get out of those PAGAN CHRISTMAS/EASTER/ISHTAR following “CHURCHES”.

You have to be grafted into the covenant- the ONE and ONLY Covenant that YaHUWaH presented to Moses on Mt Sinai. THE TOWRAH.  The Torah is the WORD, just as YaHuShuWaH was/is the living embodiment of the WORD. He said he would write the WORD INSIDE OF US if we belong to him. It’s still the SAME WORD. IT never changed. Paul’s words are of the devil,  his Father. He discarded the Torah with his doctrine of GRACE (Gratia) & FAITH (Fides) based on the Muses or Charities. It’s not the same god. They were the daughters of Semiramis or ISIS. So here we come back around to ISIS (The queen of heaven) demanding her BLOOD sacrifices.

There is nothing new under the sun, folks. These demonic demigods know their time is short. They want BLOOD and lots of it.  They appear as angels of light to deceive the nations. Both Paul and Mohammed were deceived in this manner. Paul saying that “Jesus” spoke to him while Mohammed met with “Gabriel”.  Both are LIARS. Wise up. If what they say does not line up with the TOWRAH then then are false prophets.  YaHuWaH is not interested in RELIGION or in Religious followings or starting “Churches”. He HATES RELIGION. He wants a relationship with his children and a FAMILY. He is our PARENT (Our Father) not our LORD. 

If someone is trying to FORCE YOU to join them and their cause or be killed this is of the DEVIL.

Why can’t these Muslims see that? Are they that blinded? I guess so. And you Muslim women..are you CRAZY?? What the hell is wrong with you supporting a Religion where your on par with LIVESTOCK? Muslim women can turn this around. They can be like JAEL. They need to take off that hijab shit and take a feminine stand. Allah ain’t gonna mind, cause he doesn’t exist ladies. It’s all to CONTROL YOU.

I’m just fed up with all of this bullshit. It’s time we SANE people take a stand and say enough is enough…We can’t let these crazies run the world… 


       You were a pussy when YaHuWaH told you to go fight Sisera. Now grow some balls and go get those fricking ISIS radicals or YaHuWaH  will send a woman once again to go do it for you!


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