Ferguson False Flag Psychological Domestic Terrorism Operation

Ferguson False Flag

Ferguson False Flag DHS Drill

Okay we need to address this bullshit staged event. You have to understand that this is being master minded by the powers that be, to implement chaos into the United States. They want Marshall LAW dear ones. That is the ultimate objective. FERGUSON FEMA CAMPERS.

We have several angles we can look at here. First of course we have the obvious RACE CARD angle being stirred up by agitators such as Jessie Jackson, and Al Sharpton. These people get PAID TO DO THIS SHIT, folks. Just keep that in mind while you sit home and can’t get a legitimate job.

Next we have the Hoodlums being brought in from other areas to cause trouble, and also stir up shit by robbing the legitimate businesses that CONTRIBUTE to the well being of the community and provide services and goods. The LOCAL police and store owners. They will DESTROY and discredit these folks so they can bring in the “REAL EXPERTS” like the Federal police, National Guard, Federal Prosecutors, trampling all over the STATE’S RIGHTS and Local government control.

Finally we have the WHORES in the Media scripting and inserting false footage, pre-shot scenes, crisis actors,

and FAKE WITNESSES and FAKE DEATH and identity theft of a person who died  last month in California. This is Identity THEFT OR IDENTITY CREATION and TRANSFERENCE. This is ALL an ACT. Another Boston Marathon, Trayvon Martin, Sandy Hook, etc… BS story.

THIS IS THE MATRIX. You are living in it and have been your ENTIRE LIVES!

This is NOT REAL folks. Sure, there are people running around doing shit, cameras rolling, FBI on site, media on site, Government shills on the payroll. IT is by design. They may or may not have killed someone. They don’t care, if it serves their purposes in the END GAME. The people you see being interviewed are ACTORS. They are made up identities. Quit being Stupid. They are reading from SCRIPTS. Quit falling for the TV melodramatic bullshit. They want sensationalism. They want viewers. They want your EMOTIONS. They want your TIME, SUPPORT, MONEY, and mostly…

THEY WANT YOUR SOUL. This is DEMONICALLY orchestrated. It is EVIL.

The factions are all compartmentalized so that no one can see and understand


Only the few at the top that are pulling the strings know what the HELL is really going on.


They are playing BOTH SIDES of this COIN. They are PLAYING YOU!

For God’s sake, WISE UP…. The Masses sure are…. Asses…


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