The Christmas “Spirit”- It’s not HOLY by the way…

Jesus is not the reason for the season

YaHuWaH would like to address this, because this is SO SEDUCTIVE..We have all been brainwashed since children to love the warm fuzzy “family” feelings we develop at the “Holidays”. Well, don’t think for a moment that this has anything to do with God…At least not the Creator God. Oh, it has to do with a god alright, but it is Satan not YaHuWaH that is behind this mass mind control program. You see, these Overlords know exactly how to manipulate your brain chemistry with endorphins such as Oxytocin and other stimulants to give you that comforting, homey, sense of BELONGING, that we all crave and want. Too bad, YaHuWaH never wanted us to feel a sense of belonging here because WE DON”T BELONG HERE FOLKS!


This is what the ECCLESIA  means. The “called out ones”… Called out from all that the world has to offer.

The Elect of YaHuWaH.

As I have stated before, you are living in a fabricated (Matrix) society to suit the Elite and their demonic overlords. This is part of the programming I’m sorry to say. Sure, everyone wants to feel loved and cherished and they know that. Why do you think people kill themselves at the “Holidays” the most? Because they don’t have that…at least they have been lied to about not having it,  because they could very easily have it from YahuWaH if they would set their affections on Him and not mankind.

YaHuWaH is MORE THAN ENOUGH folks, to meet your emotional needs and sense of belonging to HIS FAMILY. Christmas means actually minus the Christ!! You are celebrating the withdrawal of Christ from your midst! Wouldn’t you rather put HIM BACK in your midst? and I don’t mean “JESUS” either! Jesus is a false god. A fabrication to appease your sense of belonging once again. a false religion.  The Creator has come  in our midst physically on numerous occasions!  As our Messiah he came as YaHushuWaH and was born to Mary and it did not happen at Christmas or Dec 25th. Not even close folks… So whose BIRTH are you celebrating? For one thing Birthdays are not scriptural events to celebrate…period! Dec. 25th was the birthday of Mithras, Dionysis, Horus, etc…

Not the ONLY BEGOTTEN  SON OF GOD. The sons of the SUN GOD, yes…

Well, so how do you cope?? It’s VERY DIFFICULT, I admit… An easy thing is to start slow and REMOVE one trace at a time. Maybe NO TREE this year…No red and green stuff. Do the “Holiday ” meal and call it quits. Or NO PRESENTS this year. Take your time…YaHuWaH will help you and will come to your side and fill in the gap..IMMEDIATELY… because He loves any effort you try to take to cleanse that crap out of your system. He is a very patient, loving and nurturing Elohim and will send his Ruach ha’Kodesh to help you and HEAL YOU from all the deception and misplaced feelings and emotions surrounding  “Christmas”.  It really is an abomination to Him, but He knows the extent of the brainwashing that we have all been subjected to, and HE EMPATHIZES with your sorrow and pain.

YaHushuWaH was a MAN OF SORROW folks! He knew exactly what was going on here on planet Earth and whose kingdom this was. Why do you think Satan tried to hook him in also? He tried to play on Jesus’ emotions as well, but YaHuWaH out-smarted him.

If you find yourself depressed this Holiday season…. well GOOD FOR YOU! That is a sign you are not totally enmeshed into the system! You are a real person who knows something is VERY WRONG HERE! YaHuWaH doesn’t want to leave you hanging out there alone either. He will connect you with like- minded folks who realize the same thing. You may need to just get out of the house and take a walk, or go grab a beer or a pizza, and He will bring somebody (maybe even a Malak- Lucky you!) to keep you company. He will never forsake or abandon you! He loves you too much!

Give your heart to YaHuWaH this Holiday season and make it a REAL HOLY DAY. The HOLY DAY you separated yourself from the world and Babylon to become part of YaHuWaH’s set apart FAMILY.


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