2/17 Update and Summary on Alisa & Gabriel Dearman’s Satanic Abuse Court Case

This is Belinda from ” McKenzie Friends” which is a victims advocacy group. She is working with Sabine McNeill who now has a warrant out for her arrest for posting the children’s videos to the internet. The school has “cleaned house ” and now covered their disgusting Satanic tracks. No one there was questioned or indited. Instead the pedophilic supporting courts have gone after the innocent mother, have incarcerated the children and have a warrant out for the mom and Sabine whom are innocent.

This is disgusting…This is Satanism… This is the world we live in. It needs to STOP….

Belinda may be contacted at:


Postscript>McDonalds Hampstead closed on 17 November 2014, 2 months after the whistleblower kids reported their experiences to Barnet Police… You will only appreciate this significance if you know that the children accused McDonalds of major collusion in the satanic abuse and murderous activities.

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