3/21/15 UK Column.Org covering Hampstead Case. Mother and Boyfriend framed in Satanic Abuse Case.

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  1. What this case reveals is how gullible everyone is to accept as truth the fantasies initiated by Abraham Christie who tortured the children to make the most extraordinary of claims against their loving father and many innocent people.

    • And you obviously are a supporter of Satanism and the sexual abuse of children. The father is a pedophile. The kids said so right from the get go.

      • I am supporter of critical thinking rather than fantasies.

      • So the children are liars? That is what you are saying. You obviously know or don’t wish to acknowledge what really goes on in Satanic Covens. You need to talk to some experts in Satanic Crime. You are ignorant of the facts.

      • Abraham Christie (he can sue me for defamation, if he has the guts) tortured the children and brainwashed them into telling fantasies. Abraham Christie is the liar, child abuser and source of all these fantasies.

        I am a Satanist, and I know exactly what goes on in Satanism, and I can tell you that the fantasies that these children allege do not happen in Satanism. The few that rape and kill children in the
        name of Satan are not Satanists but what we call Reverse Christians.

      • Well that it explains it then! Satan if you remember was the Father of LIES. So It takes one to know one.
        Abraham Christy is probably a pot head and maybe he slapped those disruley kids a few times- (especially after Alisa slammed a glass picture frame
        into Gabriel’s head) but he’s not a pedophile like Ricky Dearman. Abraham he must be some kind of expert brainwasher. Maybe he works for the CIA?
        Ya think? And honey you don’t know the Satanists that I knew cause they do do those kinds of things. A LOT.

      • Ironically you are accusing Christians such as a priest, as well as teachers and parents of a Christian school of ritual abuse, people hardly of our Satanic religion.

      • I’m not accusing anyone. The children did. Maybe you need to be schooled in the levels of Satanism.
        It sounds to me like you are involved in the organized Religion of Satanism. That is not what we are talking about here.
        Did you join the Satanic Church? Go to a Satanic Rock concert? That has nothing to do with Intergenerational Criminal
        Satanism where you have to be born into it and these kinds of disgusting things are expected of all who participate.
        All Intergenerational Satanists have MPD-DID and are themselves torture victims. They can be “NICE” people in the public
        eye and monsters in private when they switch out alters. Hence Priests, Police , and nice teachers and social workers
        can be quite capable of doing these autrocities. It is by design actually, to have such people in place to further their agenda.
        This particular cult seems to be what we would call “Self-styled” Satanism led by a charismatic leader, i.e. Ricky Dearman.

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