4/29/15- The Red Horseman has Arrived. (The Dalai Lama, San Andreas, and The ROCK)

Nepal Earthquake

Nepal Earthquake

Well,  we’ve pretty much wrapped up the White Horseman now (Obama) as he is now on the outs and winding down. The recent earthquake in Nepal, has now ushered in the next series that will begin involving INDIA and CHINA, with TIBET being in the middle. We said the Red Horseman would be none other than the Dalai Lama. (See my prior post about The Red Horseman). Nepal, as we can see, sits in between these two superpowers also and is located on a continental fault. This is the beginning of woes and earthquakes in divers places mentioned in the book of Revelation. Oh, there have been lots of earthquakes all along, but they will be ramping up now in intensity in this area and also in other areas of the world, as the plates are sliding now due to pole shift. Magnitudes that will be off the charts!

The 14th Dalai Lamai will be celebrating his 80th birthday this year and is scheduled to speak in Anaheim and Irvine California over July 5th-7th. He is a Buddhist, Marxist leader from TIBET. Tibet is a real sore spot for China. Anything this guy does pisses off China. Anything he does pisses off YaHuWaH also, mind you.. He could bring a nice California Earthquake with him…He’s definitely part of the NWO one world religion gang. He and Obama are both COMMUNISTS.

The RED HORSEMAN brings WAR.  He is also disguised as a person of Peace, but on the inside he is radical in his Buddhist Communist beliefs. Both he and Obama share the deceptive quality of having won the Noble PEACE PRIZE. What a joke! Things will start to ramp up here in the US as well with this “humble” con artist stirring the pot here. California has a bunch of wack jobs as it is, and all’s they need is one more to tip the pot out there. (LITERALLY).

YaHuWaH is so sick of this shit. His patience is running out with the idolatry in this country and the world at large.

(GRAVEN IMAGES are an abomination to Him).

“San Andreas”,  is also due out in the movies. Hollywood star, Dwayne Johnson, has no idea how instrumental he will become when the REAL DEAL goes down in California. The big one could be right around the corner after this shill the Dalai Lama comes to town. Hold onto your hat, Dwayne!!

Your ROCK, Yahushwah Ha’ Mashiach (The ROCK of all ages)

will keep you on solid ROCK when California gets torn in two.

Hey, Dwayne… They don’t call you the ROCK for nothing!!

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