7/19/15- Going it Alone with YaHuWaH

God will carry You

I want to talk a bit now about your “Relationship” with God. It’s very cliché these days to talk about your “personal relationship” with God, getting “saved”, being “delivered”, coming out of Babylon, etc… Now let me make this perfectly clear… Your “relationship” is not going to be the same as my “relationship”… We are two different beings, each unique, and each serving a different purpose in God’s design and scheme of things. He has a plan for you, and your place in HIM that is very different than someone else’s.  The Church’s , however, want you to FIT IN, be a part of their GROUP, support their Ministries, (which you are NOT a part of) and support them and their vision, financially.

Well I’m here to tell you that God is not a Groupie. Get out and go it alone with YaHuWaH.

Sure it’s tough…Sure you will feel isolated. But whatever, you give up for YaH , He will meet you and fill that gap..You may FEEL utterly alone at first, but let me tell you–HE will NEVER leave you nor forsake you!

A primary relationship is between TWO people. Three is a crowd-remember?

The prophets of times past were LONERS…They answered to know one except YaHuWaH. They didn’t take classes, go to bible school, join the Mission field, buy a library of books, sing in the choir, go to church every Sunday, etc..

Now YaHushWaH did FEED the hungary, but only while they were listening to HIM!! He didn’t go around feeding people indiscriminately who didn’t give a damn about what HE had to say…He also didn’t lay hands on just anybody, and HEAL everybody. He knew beforehand whom he was going to HEAL, because he has known “His Children” from the Foundation of the World. The ones who will RESPOND to Him. The ones who “Hear HIS VOICE”.

Now mind you, HIS VOICE is not of this world!

It has nothing to do with this World because this world belongs to SATAN.  When he says to come out of this World he means that —

DON”T FIT IN to this SYSTEM! It is NOT of GOD. It is NOT of YaHuWaH!

Mammon, SIN, BEL, (and the Entire Ha Satan collective) rule this “REALITY”.  Pretty much all of the social, political, industrial, & educational, systems are ALL CORRUPTED. We aren’t supposed to participate!!

That doesn’t mean though, that we stick our head in the sand and don’t EXPOSE THEM and call them out.

A little light in a DARK place (ever been in a totally dark cave?) becomes the focal point of the whole SPACE!!  Why do you think they target us!! Because when we speak, those demons take note… The FOCUS immediately goes to the LIGHT, or in this case the “Enlightened Person”. (And I’m not talking about the Illuminati here either).

The Illuminati are those people who have taken advantage of what LIGHT they can confiscate from and suck off of the TRUE CHILDREN of YAH, so they can exploit it and manipulate it to their advantage, screwing us out of our rightful inheritance. They also use demonic powers that have superior knowledge about physics, chemistry, alchemy, etc… to do their bidding in exchange for more soul energy, (nephash) which contains the creative life force of YaHuWaH.

So in a sense, they are PARASITES par excellence! They can’t EXIST without the True Believer. They are Lifeless beings because they do not belong to the One who GIVES LIFE. They are Vampires…Walking Dead People…

So how do you know which category you belong to? Well if you are listening to this post, you are most likely one of YaH’s kids. Oh, I get Satanists that listen too mind you, but they just try to give me a hard time and refute what I have to say. At least they are engaged- which is a lot more than I can say about a lot of so called “Christians” who are perfectly content to go to church and fill pews every week and have NO RELATIONSHIP at all with YaHuWaH and who don’t even know His Divine Name.

Time is winding down now, and all hell is starting to break loose around the planet… It is vital that you know where you stand with YaH. You think your pastor is gonna protect you from what’s to come?? They’ll lock those Church doors so fast when the shit hits the fan, that you’ll never know what hit you!! It’s time to get in the BOOK and hear from the Master of the Universe, directly for yourself. Take one step towards doing that and YaHuWaH will pick you up and carry you the Rest of the Way!

After all—



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