Job Chap 1. (Yub ), The Jubilee (Yubel) Nun, & Sheba.

paleohebrew alphabet

paleohebrew alphabet

The book of Job is a mathematical enigma. The whole bible, is for that matter. The Hebrew language, in which it was written, was and is a divine mathematical blueprint. Now I want to discuss Job Chapter 1 from a divine mathematical prospective. Job was not written by Moses first off. It was written BEFORE Moses even came on the scene. Job came from UZ and was a MAGI or high priest and an Aramean. UZ was the first son of Shem (Noah’s son) . This UZ had a son named Aram.  Aram’s first son was also named UZ.  The first fruits which are holy unto YaHuWaH. Job was also a first fruit of UZ. The seventh generation.  He was an incarnation of YaHushuWaH just as Melchizedek was in Abram’s day. He was a perfect incarnated God-man who eschewed or denounced and avoided evil.

God has walked among us on numerous occasions just as Satan does also. (Job 1:7) I think it’s safe to say that before it’s all over God as Man will have appeared on Earth (Terra) seven times. (Seven being the number of perfection).

Job had 7 “sons” and each son had his own “day”. These sons were representative of the 7 planets which were known at the time and considered “lords” over our solar system and our part of the celestial creation. Possibly this is where the ideas of the “Baals” came from. The three daughters, (Venus) visited the 7 sons each “day” as they represent the Dawn, Noon (Nun)  and Eve for each “day”. This was Lucifer’s role as he takes on the female aspect of DAWN, and EVE. (The noon or NUN was a new one on me though!) This is where the trinity idea comes from. (The wrong – “diety”). These 7 “sons” appear before God along with Satan (Venus) to present themselves. The text says the “sons” were later killed by the walls of the “Houses” falling on them. The “house” refers to the Constellation along the ecliptic at the time. Probably the BEAR. The Mazzaroth. When Satan warred in the heavens and was cast out of heaven, he messed up the whole planetary alignment. Something dramatic happened in our solar system. We talked about this in a prior post about the sign of the Bear (Venus) falling below the ecliptic. It could have been a pole shift, asteroid,  or something else- but it caused these “beings” to lose their “souls” to Lucifer. Job’s daughters are not included in the dead here. They are SATAN in three aspects.They are transitional beings. They transition to become the three “friends” of Job. We discussed this in another post as well. They are all female. These are all celestial beings being discussed here. Job, being the Creator in human form, has birthed these divine “children” but something had run amok with the planets. Job felt it necessary to act as mediator for these created beings on a daily basis. It wasn’t enough, however, as the “fall” happens anyway do to their free will.

Job also has 3000 camels. Really? The camel is a code for the letter gimmel or G. The camel’s foot. The camel was a beast of burden and could go days without water. This animal was crucial for crossing a desert. (the milky way?) The little “gods”.

Same with the 500 yoke of oxen. The ox is the aleph or letter A in the hebrew alphabet. The word says not to muzzle the ox that treads out the corn. The ox supplies the brute force in churning up the fallow ground to give the “seeds” (DNA)  the aeration they needs to grow.

He also had 7000 “sheep” which get killed as the sheep are not with their Good Shepard, Job. They are under someone else’s watch and are not under the care and protection of their master.  The shepard’s staff is the lamed or letter L.  The goad. They have been led astray.

Then we have the equal parts she- asses at 500 to balance the 500 oxen. The she-ass was more docile than the male. Here we see them just grazing while the ox are doing all the work. They also were beasts of burden but used more for carrying goods and people. They carried baskets for the most part laden with food and goods. The letter is T.

The Sabean’s attack on Job’s livestock is actually an attack by Sheba. She also plays the part of Job’s wife. The one he DIVORCES. (Job’s second wife is DINAH) . If you read the hebrew text it is a female once again doing the attacking. When the Queen of Sheba gives her gifts to king Soloman she gets them from stealing from Job.  Sheba is not from earth. This is a reference to the Queen of Heaven. Once again we have the female adversary to YaHuWaH. (He has divorced himself from her ). This would be Ishtar. (Ashtar Command) which is a different solar system all together from ours. The snake queens….From the southern hemisphere below the ecliptic.

This is discussing an all out war in the heavens and Job is standing in the gap for humanity –

as MEDIATOR in another prior AGE. History is cyclical you see….

G,A,L,T  What is that??

GALT= An expression for undergoing a voluntary financial strike or decrease in income. An individual might choose to do this in order to protest the amount of money going to the government, or to protest what they feel are unfair taxes (if they earn less, they will be taxed less, therefore hurting the government). The term is taken from a character in Ayn Rand’s novel “Atlas Shrugged”; the main character John Galt leads a movement where the wealthiest individuals leave their jobs for low-paying jobs in order to protest the socialist economy.

And you don’t think the Illuminati don’t know what’s going on??

Job chose to lose his “stuff”  to prove a point. God himself was staging a protest in the universe. The Job-el  or Jubilee commemorates this event every 50 years. This is just one small glimpse into the complexity and awesomeness of our Elohim. The maker of heaven and earth. The Lord of HOSTS. The Lord of the Host of Heaven. YaHuWaH.

7 firstborn  x 7 ages

+ 1.

The 1….. um…that’s  Job.

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