9/18/15- Rapture, Tsunami’s and Comets… Oh My!


Well here we have it… Everything from THE RAPTURE, Blood Moons signaling THE TRIBULATION, and a Hidden COMET due to strike all this month…We also have the Nuking of the New Madrid Fault , Jade Helm foreign occupation of the USA and Marshall Law being implemented …FEMA camp outs!

What a bunch of horseshit!!

First off, your NOT GONNA KNOW when that stuff happens. It’s gonna be a SURPRISE!!  (compliments of YaHuWaH). And furthermore, there IS NO RAPTURE and there is NO CHURCH. The in-gathering of the remaining Elect (ECCLESIA) on this planet will occur at the LAST TRUMP..after the sixth TRUMPET sounds. At the End of the Tribulation along with the 2nd?(NOT) coming of the Messiah.

And we even have DONALD “TRUMP” fitting in to this Illuminati agenda as well. The GOOD COP blowing his horn.

The Elites are scripting once again and trying to play God. You would think that if YaHuWaH was gonna let the shit fly that he would first off tell his Elect specifically, and not some heathen who doesn’t have a clue. Or some Mason. Or some Politician, or some Radio Host, or other sensationalist.

When I get the Word …I’ll fill you in and I haven’t gotten it…YET…

It’s all just FEAR MONGERING as far as I can tell so far. We haven’t seen the TWO WITNESSES get killed yet either- but that could come next year.

The Pope’s here too.. (Petros Romanos, as  he was supposed to be called ..) Peter the Roman. That one never played out either. I still say the Black Pope is the Black Guy. Peter Turkson. He’s just not the schill in the limelight. That role is being played by this clown we see visiting the US- actor Jonathan Pryce.

And then we missed Nibiru!! Where’d that one go?? I looked for that sucker for two years and never did see anything. Another HOAX. I wonder how many people followed Patty Brassard’s advice and buried there RV’s in their yard under a pile of dirt? I bet they are PISSED!!!

YaHuWaH’s not gonna dabble around with FEAR mongering. That’s the Illuminati game plan to cull the masses. You’ve seen the Illuminati Card Game…When YaHuWaH, however,  does do something , you’ll never know what hit ya. It will be that fast and final. If it’s your time and number that’s up…that’s that. PERIOD. FE  NE.

YaHuWaH doesn’t come to destroy us, however,  but to give us LIFE. You have a choice. THE TRUTH or a LIE.

Ask Him for yourself what’s TRUE. YaH says if we SEEK HIM with our whole heart we shall FIND HIM.

And HE Is the TRUTH, THE WAY, and THE LIFE. Three for the price of one.. What a deal!!

Quit looking for disasters to happen. Start talking to the Creator. He’ll give you the head’s up when the time is right. He’s not gonna trash his progeny…

He’s a GOOD FATHER and He takes care of HIS OWN…. Are you one of HIS??


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