12/27/15- Aren’t you glad that’s over??

Hillary Clinton

I don’t know about you , but I’m pretty much exhausted from the whole Christmas BS. I’ve been working a lot so I haven’t had any time to write and keep up. It sucks because I really like writing to you and hearing from Yahuwah, but when I get busy just trying to pay bills and keep ahead, my relationship with Yahuwah suffers as well.

I also bought a fixer upper house and I’ll be working on this for the next 10 years at the rate I’m going. A house is important to Yahuwah and I always wanted a place to call home. I’m getting too old now to be running all over the country and I’d like to settle in for once. It’s my new artistic project but it’s very time consuming and laborious.

The weather’s been pretty crappy also and I’m working out of town having to drive in it. I’ll go out in the morning and my car is like a block of ice.. Thank Yahuwah for de- icer! I talked to my sister in SC and it was 77 there yesterday. WTF?? It’s December for crying out loud. I think the poles have shifted. Tornados in the winter too … Come on… Really?? The weather is all screwed up everywhere but the experts aren’t gonna tell you what’s really going on..

Then we have Hollywood releasing the new Star Wars Movie and raking in Millions..I refuse to give them a fucking dime.. No telling where that money is going. You can bet your bottom dollar it’s not going anywhere good..

And lastly, I love watching the Donald Trump Show..It’s a blast that this guy says what the hell everybody else is afraid to. Ban the Muslims from the USA?        Awesome…

Putin even likes him and said he’d make a great president. If I were gonna vote I’d vote for “The Donald”. I hate that witch Hillary Clinton. He says she got slonged by Obama..

That’s HILLAR-Y- ous!!

That witch probably wished she could get slonged by Obama . Too bad Obama is a fag …She’s a nasty rapist whore… Ask any SRA’s that have been raped by that bitch…Trump knows the score and so does Putin. They know what she is…That’s why he called her out for her “bathroom”  fuck break…

Well 2016 is just around the corner now. It sure isn’t gonna be getting any better from here on out despite what Trump says… I’m gonna go with what Yahuwah says and start preparing for meltdown. I got me some land now, so come spring it’s gonna be planting time..A few chickens, a watchdog,  and maybe a couple of goats and  a shotgun and I’ll be good to go!

See ya next year!


We’ll see….


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