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Attempted arrest of Ella Draper in UK- Mother of Alisa & Gabriel (Live recording)

11pt; text-decoration: none;”>CCPS: A Legal Rep keeps 9 police at bay while Ella Draper makes her escape

The attorney holds the “police” at bay while Ella escapes.

AC is Abraham Christie- the boyfriend who interviewed the children and made the videos that were aired on Youtube.

This is how it works folks…There is no justice..These bastards wanted to arrest an innocent person for spilling the beans on their Satanic Coven. May they all rot in Hell….

3/3/15 Live Update outside Family Court in Hampstead Satanic Abuse Case

Belinda McKenzie introduces a woman named Neelu. who has just arrested a judge in her case. (Different Case) and is explaining how and why this can be done. Listen Up!!  UCC law is not taught in Law school but it is our ticket to freedom and justice here.

Brother Zeph Daniel’s Take and Summary of Hampstead UK Satanic Sexual abuse Case

How to help Alisa & Gabriel’s Case- What you can do! (The two child Satanic abuse Victims on YouTube)


Activists can lobby those with the power to return the children to their Russian mother and grandparents:

Activists can also lobby those with the power to prosecute the perpetrators:

And activists can promote the issues touched by this case:

  • tweet #whistleblowerkids and #wbk
  • join groups on Facebook, even though they may get banned and deleted
  • promote petitions
  • write comments and educate the sceptics
  • use your emotions to fuel your creative actions and net activities! The sky is the limit!

2/17 Update and Summary on Alisa & Gabriel Dearman’s Satanic Abuse Court Case

This is Belinda from ” McKenzie Friends” which is a victims advocacy group. She is working with Sabine McNeill who now has a warrant out for her arrest for posting the children’s videos to the internet. The school has “cleaned house ” and now covered their disgusting Satanic tracks. No one there was questioned or indited. Instead the pedophilic supporting courts have gone after the innocent mother, have incarcerated the children and have a warrant out for the mom and Sabine whom are innocent.

This is disgusting…This is Satanism… This is the world we live in. It needs to STOP….

Belinda may be contacted at:

Postscript>McDonalds Hampstead closed on 17 November 2014, 2 months after the whistleblower kids reported their experiences to Barnet Police… You will only appreciate this significance if you know that the children accused McDonalds of major collusion in the satanic abuse and murderous activities.

This is Satanism- part 2

see Part 1.

The primary way to deal with this is through EXPOSURE!! Let the truth be made known. We are to expose the evil works of the Devil and shed LIGHT on those things which are done in SECRET. Shout it from the rooftops…

This is not happening in just England. This is everywhere. It is in your neighborhood as well…

People you know are involved just as they are here in this case… This is NOT an isolated event.

This is Satanism-Part 1

The children know exactly what they are talking about. I have been there…So have they..They are not lying, this is not a hoax. That is exactly what was done to me as well as a child, and also to my child when he was age 5. It took me agonizing memory work at age 35 to remember this kind of stuff. These kids are exceptional to not have dissociated this. The children are probably multiple as most intergenerational Satanists are. They threaten to kill you or a loved one if you talk about this stuff.

They were very brave to come out about this. They will be tortured for sure for talking.

They later recanted this video and the case is in court now in the UK. They put them back with the father “Papa” so this man must be a high ranking Satanist. He is Ricky Dearmon according to the daughter’s testimony. (All children recant later when faced with the parental rejection- It is too painful to stick with the truth. Ask any child therapist that specializes in child sexual abuse cases)

It is Everywhere. This is the world we live in….Satan’s Kingdom is here on earth.

If you would like to help with this case go to Sabine McNeill is heading up the petition.

The courts are coming down hard on her and the mother and children.

The judges and police are involved folks….They dismissed the physical evidence of sexual trauma.

We would like to see this “Papa” Satanist and the teachers, and other participants put behide bars for good.

Thank-you for your interest and support in fighting evil in our midst. This shit needs to be exposed .

It’s gone on for decades and needs to stop…