This is Satanism-Part 1

The children know exactly what they are talking about. I have been there…So have they..They are not lying, this is not a hoax. That is exactly what was done to me as well as a child, and also to my child when he was age 5. It took me agonizing memory work at age 35 to remember this kind of stuff. These kids are exceptional to not have dissociated this. The children are probably multiple as most intergenerational Satanists are. They threaten to kill you or a loved one if you talk about this stuff.

They were very brave to come out about this. They will be tortured for sure for talking.

They later recanted this video and the case is in court now in the UK. They put them back with the father “Papa” so this man must be a high ranking Satanist. He is Ricky Dearmon according to the daughter’s testimony. (All children recant later when faced with the parental rejection- It is too painful to stick with the truth. Ask any child therapist that specializes in child sexual abuse cases)

It is Everywhere. This is the world we live in….Satan’s Kingdom is here on earth.

If you would like to help with this case go to Sabine McNeill is heading up the petition.

The courts are coming down hard on her and the mother and children.

The judges and police are involved folks….They dismissed the physical evidence of sexual trauma.

We would like to see this “Papa” Satanist and the teachers, and other participants put behide bars for good.

Thank-you for your interest and support in fighting evil in our midst. This shit needs to be exposed .

It’s gone on for decades and needs to stop…

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