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Happy Yom Teruah! Sing Praises to YaHuWaH!

A Taste of Heaven- Jackie Evancho- Take Me There!!

15 year old Jackie Evancho sings like and Angel… Enjoy!

I’ve been losing sleep…Have You?

You-oo-oo-Hu- WaH! Where would we be without you??

Let the River Flow – Original Music by Kellie Rowley- Praise YaHuWaH! (Available through Corova Media)

Flowing River

8/9/14 Super Moon Tonight!

Psalm 57- Praise YaHuWaH

6/7/14- Message for MH370 victims and their Families- Psalm 71

June 3-4th, 2014 -Come Celebrate YHWH’s Festival of Shavuot !

Shavuot  celebrates the Giving of the Torah on Mt. Sinai to Moses. It is the Jewish PENTACOST because it occurs 50 days after PASSOVER. The Jews counted 49 days after Passover until this day and called it the Counting of the Omer as it coincided with the BARLEY harvest. When the disciples were together in the upper room this was the FEAST they were celebrating. This was when the Ruach Ha’Kodesh was given after the ascension of YaHushuWaH Ha’ Meshiach to heaven. It was also the first day that a WHEAT offering could be made unto YaHuWaH.

Get Happy!

With all the killing, pain and suffering in the world that’s going on
and they are gonna make a big deal about this? Gimme a break!
King David danced butt naked before the Lord!