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The parable of the 10 Virgins -Lampante Virgin oil-Matt 25:1-13

We all know the story.. Five were wise…Five were foolish.. I think we have ALL missed the “boat” or rather the wedding procession here. This is NOT talking about the Holy Spirit.Let me explain. (Boy have we been lied to). First of all, these lamps are TORCHES. The kind you dunk in the oil and light aflame. It’s not a glass type lantern at all.¬† You have to have a separate flask or container with the oil in it. Its not IN THE LAMP and it’s NOT in you!. Lampante virgin oil.¬†This oil is NOT CONSUMABLE. If you ingest it it will kill you. Its not like the oil you cook with. It is VIRGIN OIL, however. Virgin oil is physically HARD PRESSED oil. It is made by PRESSURE. If you have been living the life of Riley…Guess what? You have NO OIL!! This oil comes from PAIN and SUFFERING. This is where the TI’s or targeted individuals comes in. They are VERY aware continually of their pain and are constantly talking to YaHuWaH about it! How Much Longer Lord??? He know us and he’s knows about our suffering. It’s all in the “Flask”. That consolidated negative energy is FUEL for our FIRE! It’s Bitter to drink but it BURNS exceedingly well. We have an ever ready supply to light our TORCH for proclaiming our Elohim. The processional of the virgins with their torches lit, was to ANNOUNCE His arrival and to light our path in this DARK world to find HIM when we hear the trumpet. It will be DARK when he calls us to Come. The “Hard pressed ones” will make the trip because they have been practicing for this event for their entire lives! They Have what it takes to MEET HIM. They will not be Consumed by His brilliance because they too have Flames of Fire. They are Light- Bearers. Furthermore , they are Virgins…Not sexual Virgins at all, although that would be nice. They have been stripped down to their core virginal DNA. They are Not infected with the world system anymore. It has been taken out of them supernaturally. Notice there are unwise Virgins also. There are many spiritually evolved people who separate from the world but they lack the OIL. They were never Hard Pressed. They may be elites who don’t work and go to seminars, new age lectures, gurus, etc… They are spiritual seekers of truth but they have never SUFFERED for their beliefs. They have never suffered . PERIOD. Look at the Vatican priests. Are they suffering? Yahushuwah Ha’Mashiach said that if the world hated him they will Hate you too? Are you hated? Are you an outcast to this society? If not, you probably aren’t really saved, Hence the “Lord, Lord” -depart from me I never knew you spoken by our King. The parable says they could go buy more OIL. Well we know you can’t buy the HOLY SPIRIT. The parable is saying go back into the world system. That’s where you BUY the OIL cause it’s produced there. The school of hard knocks. Problem is school is over, classes are adjourned and there are no more teachers or lessons to be learned cause Time is up! There is NO MORE TIME left for you to get the OIL of the trials and tribulations of this life to light your torch for YaHuWaH’s glory. It’s all about HIM folks. There are No other Gods to be placed before Him. We must take up our Cross or in this case our Flask of our OIL of pain and suffering and use it to ignite our torch to follow him. Selah.