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Sidereal VS Tropical Zodiacs- Why the calendars are off. ( Eastern VS Western) Gen 3:15.


The Eastern Zodiac bases it’s calculations on the FIXED STARS and is the older of the two systems. The Western system was established around the 2nd century by Ptolemy and centers around the equinoxes and the CROSSING (THE CRUXES)  of the equator with the galactic center. This is where the whole CROSS SYMBOLOGY comes into play.

In 1995, Walter Berg re-discovered the  13-sign zodiac, which has the additional sign of Ophiuchus. Ophiciuchus is the SERPENT BEARER!! It is a sign blocked out by western culture. An extra month has to be added to accomodate this sign,  hence the rush in the Vatican to play catch up with the true calendar.  Look at the SIDEREAL DATES.  Skull and Bones is using the tropical dates! #322. So is the Vatican.   They are trying to play out the book of Revelation one month early to the actual sidereal calendar!! They want to go to WAR! Aries is the Ram and the God of WAR.  3-22.

They are playing GOD.  HELLO??? There are connections here I’m telling you! I don’t understand hardly any of this but I know this is what’s going on.

The dates the Sun passes through the 13 astronomical constellations of the ecliptic are listed below, accurate to the year 2011. The dates will progress by an increment of one day every 70.5 years. The corresponding tropical and sidereal dates are given as well.

Constellation Sidereal Date Cyril Fagan Tropical date IAU Definition Walter Berg[2]
Aries.svg Aries April 15– May 15 March 21– April 20 April 18– May 13
Taurus.svg Taurus May 16– June 15 April 21– May 20 May 13– June 21
Gemini.svg Gemini June 16– July 15 May 21– June 20 June 21– July 20
Cancer.svg Cancer July 16– August 15 June 21– July 21 July 20– August 10
Leo.svg Leo August 16– September 15 July 22– August 22 August 10– September 16
Virgo.svg Virgo September 16– October 15 August 23– September 22 September 16– October 30
Libra.svg Libra October 16– November 15 September 23– October 22 October 30– November 23
Scorpio.svg Scorpio November 16– December 15 October 23– November 21 November 23– November 29
Ophiuchus zodiac.svg Ophiuchus N/A November 29– December 17
Sagittarius.svg Sagittarius December 16– January 14 November 22– December 21 December 17– January 20
Capricorn.svg Capricorn January 15– February 14 December 22– January 20 January 20– February 16
Aquarius.svg Aquarius February 15– March 14 January 21– February 19 February 16– March 11
Pisces.svg Pisces March 15– April 14 February 19– March 20 March 11– April 18

Ophiuchus or Serpentarius as you can see was left out! He crosses the celestial equator just at the point where the center of the galaxy meets the celestial equator. The CROSS. In all of these end of the world prophecies, all these connections with the Judgment Day, apocalyptic scenarios are all connected to this certain alignment. That alignment is when the sun tends to fall into the gap of Ophiuchus. It is this very gap in the area between Scorpio and Sagittarius known as the dark rift that the center of the Milky Way galaxy is located. The great alignment occurs when the sun rises in perfect alignment with the center of the galaxy. (Dec 21st, 2012)Ophiuchus’ heart is known as the Black Hole of the Milky Way. His foot is being stung by the scorpion as he is stepping on it’s tail. This is where the scripture in Genesis comes from. Gen 3:15. The seed of Satan are scorpions! Not snakes. (Rev. Chap 9) The head of the snake is being bruised by? Look at the picture! Hercules. He’s got the club in his hand ready to whack that snake in the head! He’s the seed of the woman. It’s not Ophiuchus clubbing the snake. He’s holding the snake so it can’t get away! It’s up to the man (Hercules) to kill it!


The # 322- Skull and Bones- 300 are Popes, 22 are Babies? (Who is the Antichrist?)

Victoria Cross- British badge of Honor

Victoria Cross- British badge of Honor

300 is the total number of popes and antipopes that would gather, in its history, the Roman Catholic Church before the second arrival of Christ. According to the prophecy of Saint Malachi, John-Paul II would be the 262th Pope, that is to say the 110th of the 111 predicted starting from the first pontiff during his lifetime, in year 1143. Adding the 263 popes with the 36 antipopes, we obtain 299. The 112th pope (the 264th) would be, according to saint Malachi, “Peter the Roman” (Petrus Romanus), for a total of 300.  So we may have a partial  key to who and what the 300 is.   The Last POPE. The False Prophet.

Now for the science: There are  22 bones in a human skull. There are 300 bones in an infant’s body.  (Adults have way less) This has to do with infanticide… Sacrificing to  the “gods”.  Fetuses at 22 weeks are now considered viable in several states and abortions have been outlawed but the majority of states still allow abortions up to 24 weeks. My guess is that 300  twenty two week fetuses will or have been  sacrificed to the “gods”. One for each POPE. (Of course there are millions more but these are designated for this specific purpose).

The skull and bones “worships” a goddess named Eulogia. The name is made up, but it is a spin off for  “Eulogy”  or funeral serman.  In 322 AD a greek scholar named Demosthenes committed suicide. He poisoned himself and his body was never buried. He was left to rot. Demosthenes is who the Skull and Bones get their legal background from, as he was a lawyer who wrote many speeches and legal papers in ancient Rome. He also wrote a bizarre funeral eulogy which is probably significant as well.  He was their hero. When he died,  the Goddess Victoria left the earth as she was also the Goddess of Eloquent speech. (Eloquia) . So you see,  this is all about Pagan Roman diety worship. They have to appease the “gods”  (Reptilian aliens?) even to this present day.

They are actually sacrificing to a fertility Goddess— Victoria (V). (Another name for her is NIKE-like the sneakers!)  Like in V for Victory. It is to ensure Victory in Battle.  V is also the symbol for the female vagina.  The Vatican (V) hag is birthing their final savior- the Antichrist. V is also the 22nd  letter in the alphabet.

V is also the name given to a TV series about Reptilian aliens taking over our planet. Hum…The “gods” maybe they are worshipping?? They supposedly love to eat babies.

March is ruled by the planet Mars (Aries). The war god.  March 25th is passover. In order for them to to be “passed over”  the blood of innocents has to be spilled. Something big is getting ready to go down this month.  3/22.  War is inevitable.

YaHuWah is totally wroth and is planning desolation to recompense them for their  INIQUITY and EVIL. Rome will burn to the ground and the Vatican will be utterly destroyed by fire. (Nuked?)

The word I got from YHWH is Ezekial Chap 7. The tribulation is about to crank up. The Red , Pale & Black  horses. War. Pestilence, and Famine. Mt Etna erupted just yesterday in Rome as a sign to the Vatican. Other volcanoes should follow suit. Hence mountains burning into the sea. (1st Trumpet-Rev 8.) The sixth seal is close!! This is a pole shift!  The eclipses are this year in August 2013  I believe!! Both solar and lunar back to  back.  A  Rare event. (Rev 6:12).

We could have a comet showing up as well. There was a comet in Julius Ceasars day that was not regular. CEASAR’s COMET. They called it the crowned comet because it had  8 projections like a crown.  It’s appearance showed that Julius was a “god”. We could  get the appearance of this same “comet” (Mothership?)  when the antichrist is revealed! He will arrive with all lying signs and wonders, remember? July?

Prior to Pesach or Passover the Egyptians firtborns were slaughtered. The only reason the Jews were spared was because they had put the slain blood of the lamb on their doorposts so when the angel of Death came around to kill the firstborn they got PASSED OVER.

Well Satanists don’t accept the Messiach’s sacrifice. So who are they going to sacrifice? Ha Satan will sacrifice HIS OWN SON! His earthly child. Kate Middleton’s baby. The fetus is about 22 weeks old now.  (She is due in July- same time Julius Cesear was born) . They will ritually murder that child and fake her continued pregnancy substituting another child at birth.   Or declare a miscarriage.

The Antichrist is none other than the clone of Jesus Christ. Her husband.

Prince Will I AM- THE BEAST who was genetically engineered from the Shroud of Turin by the Vatican.

They murdered Diana over this. She tried to kill herself numerous times while carrying him.

The ritual infant murder needs to occur quickly and so they will push to get that last Pope in Place as his false prophet. William turns 31 this year. I feel he will be in full swing as the beloved Antichrist this year. The masses already adore him and Kate.

He fits the entire bill. He will be 33 years old in June of 2015. Sitting on his throne as the Savior of the World. I believe his slogan will be Yes or WILL  I AM. (Obama was yes we can… He is the white horseman).

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REPENT!!! Ask Yahushwah Ha’Mashiach to forgive your of your sins and accept his ATONING DEATH for your sins. To not do so, you will be condemning your very soul to HELL. I’m not talking about religion. Get out of the churches!  The devil owns them for the most part. You need to get right in your own mind heart and soul before the almighty CREATOR ELOHIM of the universe. Ask him to help you and deliver & protect you from this EVIL today. He will not reject a truely repentant person. Find a Messianic church to go to if you have to for fellowship but buyer beware. Ask the Ruach Ha’Kodesh to guide all of your footsteps…